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They're getting microchipped!!! TODAY!

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I had the biggest scare of my life yesterday.

I thought it was weird when Toby and Trina weren't keeping me company during my shower, since they love to drink the water after I'm done. So I go downstairs to find some pantyhose, and I realize.. the DOOR IS WIDE OPEN. The cats are NOT inside.

I almost streaked. Ran to the door, flung it wide open, realized there was quite the draft, ran upstairs to find something, ANYTHING, to put on (all the while wondering if I would get fired at my brand new job for calling in to look for my cats), then ran outside. Imagery of roadkill kitties or foxkill kitties or just NOT KNOWING what happened to my poor little kitties was running through my head the whole time.

So I called their names, slightly panicked, and almost immediately Trina poked her head out from around the neighbor's balcony. I about cried when I saw her, since I was most worried about her; when she goes outside with me on her leash, she's really easily scared, and I was worried she'd get spooked and hide somewhere and just never come out. She had obviously been scared by a person or dog, because she slunk over to me, wouldn't let me touch her, and slunk inside the house.

But where was Toby? I called his name, and he was nowhere in sight. I started to run out to look when I heard his inquisitive "Mrreow?" and he jumped over the brick wall that defines our patio; he'd been "hiding" on the other side.

I am SO LUCKY it was raining yesterday; that door had to have been open for hours.

They are getting microchipped ASAP! I will NOT go through that scare again.
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How frightening! I recently went through that myself; both of my cats bolted out the door. The bigger one (who was already chipped) was recovered immediately, but my little one was out for almost 12 hours before I managed to lure him back inside through an open window. I was planning to have him chipped anyway when he got neutered in November, but I moved up the date (for both.)

I'm glad that both of your little ones are home safe. How did the door get open?! That would've scared me half to death if I came out of the shower and found my door wide open like that!
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I just must not have closed it completely. It was stormy outside so the wind probably pushed it open, not to mention Toby probably pried it open since he's silly like that.

I'm just glad both my kitties are very obedient; whenever I take them outside, I make SURE they are the ones who bring themselves home so they know the way back.

Congrats on moving up the neuter/microchip! The sooner that's done, the better, especially to make sure he doesn't start marking. =)
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How scary!

I would die if mine got out!

I keep meaning to get them microchipped, but just keep putting it off. I need to go ahead and do it, instead of wishing I had done so after the fact..
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