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Daily Thread Monday Oct 6th!

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Morn' cat peeps

Welp, only 11 degree high today again..but at least it will be sunny.

Heading to work and then just home where there are dishes waiting for me. I might clean my car tonight too, it is a mess!

Nothing else much going on..Josh is so busy with school, I will likely not see him a whole lot this week.

Have a good day all!
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Got called in to work to make a delivery up north of Dallas. Hope I get home in time to love on the kitties at the shelter before it closes today!
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Got a busy afternoon ahead, as I have a doctors visit for my annual check up to make sure my Asthma is under control, then I have got two trips to Brighton and back on behalf of my parents....lucky so 'n so's are off to see Michael Bolton! I am taxi driver for them today....

Anyways, have a good day peeps!
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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and cool here this morning.

Heading off to work shortly, but only for a couple of hours. I sprained my knee on Saturday and it's still kind of sore so don't want to over-do it until it feels better.

Nothing special planned for later, just home and maybe a movie.

The kitties are good this morning annoyed because I won't let them have the window open because it is to chilly..Silly kitties.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning darlings!

It's so sad, I've missed a few days of the daily thread! I can't be sick any more!

So the weather here has been yucky. We got our first rain in a while on Friday and Saturday, but that was it. Yesterday and today are just cloudy and depressing. Ironically, though it felt very cold this morning, it was only 49 when I left, and it's been as low as 42, so it was actually warmer! Go figure.

Work is a disaster for me today, since I was out three days last week- one for an almost all day inspection, and two for being sick. So I can't spend much time on here!

Kitties are good. Evie wasn't very cuddly today, but she stayed close by us as usual, and was pretty playful! The boys are doing well. Totally ok with each other now, which is great, and getting adjusted to my dog even! So they will continued to be let out more and more. Though Evie is still a twit so she gets locked up when they come out!

Have a great day everyone!
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Good afternoon all!!!
Well went to my chemistry class this morning at 8:30 and got stuck in some rainy weather on campus. Which put a damper on the rest of my day.
Now I am home cleaning up the apartment cause my sister will be coming over tonight to play with the kittens!!
Soon I will be heading to the grocery store to pick up dinner and then off to start on my studying for my physics exam!!!
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