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could it be ring worm? sorry for posting so much

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hey guys sorry for this but it's been really worrying me
the other day I noticed that my cat Mecha has two little bald spots on her ears, she hasn't been scratching them or anything but really gets cranky if you try and touch the spots...
she's also been shedding alot of hair lately.
Could the little bald spots indicate ring worm? or something more sinister
Also as I have no way to get her to the vet untill next week could her having them be very dangerous?
if I have to I'll find some way to get her to the vet but the people I rely on for these things arent in town till next week...
could waiting till next week hurt her?

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Can you post pictures of the bald spots?
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I dont have a camera sorry
they're these red coloured bald spots about a cm above where her ears connect to her head and they're near on the outside of the ear near the edge and the skin looks a little scaley
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You can do a Google image search for cat ringworm. I found this one. The pictures aren't the best, but it does have a description of ringworm and what you can do about it.

You still need to get your cat to a vet as soon as possible.
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If you have access to a black light, dim the room lights, shine the black light on the spots, if they glow green, then it is a fungus, most likely ringworm.
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Ringworm is nasty, but not fatal or anything like that. It is very contagious though, so wash your hands thoroughly after handling the cat and keep her bedding away from other laundry. Vacuum every day around all the places where she sits. Hygiene is everything. Before you an get to a vet you may be able to get something from a pharmacy - a locally applied cream can help contain it and stop any itching, but you will probably need oral tablets to get rid of it completely. I have had two outbreaks of it and I have found that shampoos and creams do not work completely on cats that already have it, though they may be good preventatives.
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the pictures look similar to her ears but I dont know how she could have came into contact with it as she is an indoor only cat (never goes outside, never has any contact with outdoor cats) I'm very worried now the treatement seems dangerous to mecha if thats what she has
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FYI - (Depending on what vet you talk to) anywhere from 40-70% of ringworm glows under blacklight.

Ringworm can take a variety of forms & be in different locations.
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