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Ouch I hurt myself tonight.

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When I was getting ready to cook supper I went to reach into our knife drawer for a chopping knife for the onions and I didn't realize one of the other knives was turned up and I hit it with my thumb and at first I thought it just pricked it but it cut my thumb. My knives are very sharp never dull guinsues (sp?) and let me tell you they are sharp. I had barely touched the knife or I thought so. I ran cold water over it and held a paper towel to it for a bit but I don't have any perioxide and I am afraid it will become infected. But I guess I can stop at my aunts and get some peroxide tomorrow if it keeps hurting. Ouch its sore.
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I hope it heals fast.
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dont do that it hurts and no cutting off your thumb allowed
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You can wash it with antibacterial hand soap if you're worried. Neosporin would be a good idea, if you have it.
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Ouch be careful lol! I have cut myself a few times on cans, now that hurts! Keep an eye on it , so it dont get infected , take care!
Jess x
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If the knife was clean and you keep it clean then it should heal fairly quickly.
However if the knife was dirty or was used to cut meat in the pass keep a good eye on it because it is more likely to get infected..

Lots of quick healing vibes coming your way.

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I once had a knife slip out of my hand and cut three of my fingers. I still have the scars and that was 5 years ago.

Hopefully yours doesn't hurt for long.
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Ouch! I've done that before. I hope you're feeling better soon!
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