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I think my cat eats too much...

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I love my cat Winston..But lately he eats A LOT.. I leave dry food out for my other cat Tootsie.. and of course the little ocelot... and they can eat whenever they want and have water whenever they want..soo i caught him eating his food AND tootsies so i laughed and filled the 2 bowls up again with fresh food.. later today i was eating a turkey sandwich and he hops up on the bed and starts meowing at me..so i gave him a peice of turkey... later that day i made a burger for my friend and then he jumped on the chair and started meowing for some meat and i told him no and i put him on the floor...well my friend thought he was cute so gave him a small piece of meat... now i caught him in the closet where i keep the cat food and some how he managed to knock over the bag of cat food and it was all over the floor and he was just chowing down... now i always feed my cats well.. this has been going on for about 4 weeks now.. But is it possible he is just over eating? is it bad for his health? Could there be a reason he eats so much? he isnt a fat cat either so i don't know whats going on... What do you think?
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How old is he? That matters alot. and if they are eating quality food, theyw ill eat less usually.

Mine eat alot because they are both very young (Holly is 6 months old and Kitty 1.5 years old) and they are very active ... when awake

Find out what he weighs and keep an eye on that. Kitty weighs 10 pounds and Holly 7
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he is 5 or 7 months old im not sure....i found him in may?
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Well Im no expert, but weigh him (stand on a scale with out the cat, and then with the cat and subtract the differnece)

If he weighs very little (maybe 4 or 5 pounds) then just assume he is young and needs to eat alot. i weigh my cats every month or so just to make sure nothing weird is going on. a vet will know alot more than me of course Anything under 10 pounds is fine in my book, and over 10 is fine if the breed/sex/age/etc are taken into consideration.
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