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My cats are tearing holes in my window screens!!!

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What can I do???
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Go to the hardwood store or home depot center and in the garden section buy that decorative lattice that people use to allow climbing plants to crawl up on. The come in sheets that are really easy to cut to size with a hand power saw. Measure your windows, cut the lattice to fit. It makes the home cooler, and the air comes in through the slots so it doesn't block the flow of air. I have them on all my windows, they are easy to take on and off for cleaning and what not. Just don't get the type with the slots that are so big a kitten's head can get stuck in it.
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I would also spray the screens with lemon scented air freshener. You could also invest in a wired in sun area for your kitties to enjoy the fresh air outdoors and yet a safe place to sun.
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Thanks Hissy, but isn't that pretty much like boarding up your windows? Any other suggestions?
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As DragonLady said, using a citrus type air freshner will help. You can either use the lemon or the orange. I usually find that the orange keeps them at a better distance. You just have to remember to keep the scent fresh.
When you see them on the screen, make a really loud noise and tell them NO in a firm voice. If you have to, remove them and give them something to play with. It takes some patience, but in time they learn.
You can also try putting a carpeted cat tree near the window. It gives them someplace to sit and look out the window, and provides something for them to scratch on.
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Thanks Teresa. Yes all cats are spayed. I will try the air freshner.

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My cats are indoor/outdoor babies. They are scratching and climbing from the outside. Sorry, failed to mention that. Will your suggestions still work?

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Yes, actually they will work. I wouldnt put carpet outside, but I would try putting something near the window for them to sit on
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Sounds like your kitties are pretty restless and just active.. also, it seems like they want some attention.

What about providing your furbabies with some toys?

i would encourage using INTERACTIVE toys to play with your kitties, as that creates a great opportunity to bond and to encourage your kitties to exert a lot of energy during these play sessions. Some samples of interactive toys are in the pix below.

Wow, did you mention outdoors? i hope your kitties are wearing collars with your contact no. and name on the tags. Better still, microchip your babies. You never know.

If you decide to keep your kitties indoor, perhaps a tree in the house would be great. Hopefully you would consider this option.

Also, kitties love scratch pads. You can buy these in different forms, even in the form of sisal ropes.

Anyway, don't know how much i have helped (or not helped at all?)

Take care of you and take care of your furbaby!

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Sounds like they might also be after the flies and bugs that land on the windows- think that might be part of it?
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Could be Hissy! Never thought of that! Thanks.
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I also know that some cats do this as an attempt to get your attention when they want to come back inside.
Do they do this to your screens when they are ready to come back indoors?

I also second the suggestion to keep them indoors only.

Good luck!
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Thanks Shirley. Yes, our babies are well identifiable. I'm not sure playing with them will solve this problem as they are played with, loved on, and pampered by us all the time. They have LOTS of toys, scratching post (indoors),and several areas to sit and look out from inside. They are really well adjusted and behaved except for this particular problem.
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Could be Angel. Although they normally just sit or lay at the back door until I let them in. I've only caught my oldest male doing this, but my daughter says our baby (6 months) also climbs and scratches at the screens. They have been indoor/outdoor cats for a very long time. Mostly, they just like to go out and lay in the sun on the front porch for awhile and visit next door with our neighbors who are also huge cat lovers.
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Would "Softpaws" work on indoor/outdoor cats?
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Softpaws should not be used for outdoor cats. It takes away their first line of defence in the event that ANYTHING happens.
They should be used for indoor cats only, or cats whom are let outside in outdoor enclosures or leash/harness walks.
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I would get a no pest strip and hang it outside above your windows, and far away from the reach of your cats. I know our cats used to bounce off the screen after the flies, either inside or outside our place, which is why I resorted to the lattice work. It really isn't boarding up the windows, it is decorative, and cooler and I hang them by wires attached to hooks so they can be removed quickly. They are not like bars on the windows at all.

I can also recommend a good book you can get through Amazon- and if you order through then the website gets the credit- but it is called Psycho Kitty by Pam Johnson-Bennett. Excellent book!
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Sure appreciate everyone's help. Now I have a few ideas to try. You guys are great!

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I bought special screens especially for pets! I got it at home depot and it's made from a different material, but it wasn't even that much more expensive than regular screens. Harry climbs all the way up the pet-proof screens, and it just doesn't tear. It's amazing!
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I think they sell that pet-proof screening at Lowes too. I believe that is where I bought ours. --NOW, to just get up and away from this computer, and actually put that new screening up!!!
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Cool! didn't know they made such a thing. I'll surely look into that! Thanks
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