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RI schools required to teach about dating violence

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Certainly I understand this mother's grief.
And certainly someone needs to make kids aware that other kids might be psychos.
But is it right to ask the schools to bear the burdern of educating teens about this kind of thing?

One other state, Texas, mandates unspecified awareness education on dating violence for students and parents, while several other states encourage it. But the Rhode Island measure goes further by requiring the topic be incorporated annually into the curriculum for students in seventh through 12th grade.
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well, if they are going to teach sex ed, i guess they may as well teach what could go wrong
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I think that it's a good thing.
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Considering the statistics for teenage girls and dating violence, I'd say this is a great thing.

Also, if you're experiencing this sort of thing in your relationship, it's going to carry over into other areas of your life, including academics, most likely. So this is smart.
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I'm all for it. Many parents may themselves be unaware of the "danger signs", so I think schools should "bear the burden", in order that as many kids as possible are protected.
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I agree. I know a few girls who've had bad relationships where they're been emotionally (and possibly physically) abused. It took them a long time to realise what was going on. If its possible to teach people the signs to look out for, then it may prevent others ending up in the same situation.
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I think it is a good thing too. The number of girls in abusive relationships are higher than we think. The number of them that will go on to become abused women is even higher.
It could not hurt to teach teens about this. I had a friend in high school who was dating a guy who I now realize was abusing her. He kept telling her that they should make sure they die at the same time. Thankfully she got away from him but back then we didn't understand what she was experiencing.
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My school taught it. I wasn't aware that it wasn't common practice (especially since my school was a little behind on things). We had mothers of victims come in and talk, it was very sad actually.

I think the parents would benefit if the schools have some sort of seminar with them included, because as has been pointed out - they may not recognize what is going on themselves.
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