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Nipples Question

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Felicia is getting closer and closer to D-Day and I have some questions about her nipples:

1) Right now here nipples are large but they seem flat, like someone smooshed them between some books or something, and they've been like this since we picked her up outside about 4 weeks ago. First, is it normal for them to look flat? Also, since I'm trying to look for signs of when she's getting closer to delivering, should they puff up and fill with milk before the kittens come?

2) I posted this in another thread but I still have issues; her nipples have little dark spots that I don't think were there when we first brought her in, they look like dirt but I'm not sure. Someone had recommended cleaning them off with vegetable oil, but Felicia won't let me...the second I try rubbing one she rolls over and moves so I can't keep going. Will it harm the babies if I can't clean it off? Or could it be something else?

Thank you!
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I'm the one that mentioned about the oil. You will have to hold her firmly and cuddle on her back in your lap - just a small drop of oil on your fingers and gently rub it on her nipples. Then she will lick it off and clean them.
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So she'll clean it herself? I'm so afraid to do anything to her that requires holding her still, I'm afraid to grab her in the wrong area and hurt the kittens. I think I can manage to just get them with the oil at least and let her take care of it.

EDIT: I just pulled her backwards into my lap and she actually held still while I put the oil on all of her nipples. When I let her go though, she didn't seem to notice it was there and just strutted away to eat. Oh well, I hope she cleans it later. Thanks for your help

Anyone know about my first question though?
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I wouldn't worry about the shape. They really don't "fill up" at first, tho the last nipples are the first ones that start looking puffy. Some cats give birth and then the kittens will nurse and then you will see fuller breasts with milk.
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Goldy's nipples had the same kind of flattened appearance before the kittens were born. She's the only pregnant cat I've had close contact with, so don't know if that's typical. The nipples don't actually fill with milk, it's the breast tissure behind them. Some people say that they can see them filling a day or two before the queen gives birth, but I didn't see that with Goldy until the babies were actually born. Again, don't know how typical that is, but Goldy has had plenty of milk for the babies.
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Thanks for the replies

I just looked at her nipples again to see if she cleaned any of it off and I noticed that her nipples are actually crusty, like dry skin around the ends. Should I peel this off (it seems like it comes off easily) or leave it alone? Sorry I have so many concerns but I want to make sure the babies have healthy nipples to come to!
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I noticed this 'crusty' type thing on the foster I'm caring for. In fact, she even had what looked like a tiny little black scab on one.

once the kittens were born the crusty stuff went away and they're fine.

I wonder if the crust could be a little lactacting that's happening when she's sleeping or in preparation for the kittens coming?
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