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Fascinated with the ice maker

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Every time we use the ice maker, Speck runs into the kitchen to try to catch the pieces of ice that have fallen in the floor (our ice maker throws little chips everywhere). Last week I walked in to find him standing up on his hind legs at the refridgerator, trying to push the ice maker button. It was so cute. I've seen pictures of Savannah cats doing this, but Speck is considerably shorter...smaller than the average cat, even. Does anyone out there have a cat who has learned to use the ice maker?
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Yeah my Titus is very fascinated by it...and more so by the ice itself. We have to watch him around drinks or he'll stick it paws in it.
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I hope he never learns to hit the cold water button...he'll be traumatized. BTW, love the pixs of your cats.
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Yeah thankfully Titus has never learned to get ice or water from the fridge. He'd definitely be in for a shock.

Thanks for the comments on my sweet kittys
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Sophia and Pepino do the same thing, but I have spoiled them and I throw a cube across the floor and down the basement stairs and they can't resist It's up too high for them to do it themselves, Thank God
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Skye is that way with the water cooler. I think it's the glub glub glub sound it makes. Sometimes I walk in to find her in a deep trance next to it.
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We dont have an ice maker, but everytime i drop[ a peice of ice they come running to get it
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Haha- I put a piece of ice in Mack's water dish occasionally, and she'll sit there until it melts- batting at it and hissing. I have video of it, but I don't know how to upload it onto the internet. XD
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