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I bought a Fiat 500 6 months ago

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and this is my complaint letter to them woohoo LOL


I wish to voice my concern about the 500 Pop I purchased on the 19th March 2008, I have had nothing but trouble with this car it has been one problem after another, seven times my car has been in the workshop for a wiper issue which still has not been resolved which i have spoken to customer relations about, it has had two clock spring's, and after the first clock spring was changed I was on my way home from work and my indicators were not cancelling and then my steering locked up as I was coming off a roundabout and i had to use a great deal of force to unjam the steering which snapped the new clock spring. I then had to wait 6 days to get the parts in, and also my fuel tank sometimes will not register as a full tank of fuel and will only register three quarters of a tank, for a full tank of fuel this time around filling up and trickerling the petrol into the tank I have only got 200miles to the semingly full tank of fuel when normally I get 300 to 320 to the full tank which I do not think is normal but on workshop advice I am monitoring the problem, which to be frank I think no amount of monitoring will suddenly make the fuel tank think that it can go that extra 100+ miles before requiring refilling. I deem my main two faults the wipers and the failed steering two major safety risks, and as the MOT handbook states that you need to have windscreen wipers the sufficently clear the screen, at one point my wipers were not doing so.

My new issue is the fact that now when my lights are switched on to travel in the dark my dash light goes off and flashes back on for a few seconds then goes off and flashes on for a few seconds and so on, and as I was pulling away from work the mileage started flashing, which is the second time this has happened, each time the car has been in the garage I am waiting for the next fault to occur, and for a six month old car I shouldnt be thinking that I should be enjoying the car.

The dealer that has been carrying out the work as well as working for have been nothing but supportive and I do appreciate all of their help, as I have been treat like a customer not just staff.

I am very dissapointed about the car I have bought, it certainly does not meet the expectations I had about the car. I was over the moon when I had heard they were releasing the car, and I had thought long and hard over buying the 500 as I did have a 10month old Clio, that is how much I wanted this car. My self and my partner are in the process of discussing the possibilty of purchasing the Arbarth 500 S and now I am seriously reconsidering my thoughts as I think I may encounter the same problems.

I now have no confidence in the car at all and the plans / accessories I had wanted to purchase I am not in the mindset of not wanting to waste my money on the car.

I am contactable on either [email] xxxxxxx between 12:00 and 13:00 xxxxxxx after 18:30 either myself or my partner will answer on the home number, my partner is fully aware of all concerns and can discuss them also I do not want to be contacted on my work phone number, I would prefer email contact during work hours mainly down to work comitments.

Thank you for your time

Ashley Gray
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Sounds like an electrical problem to me.

I used to have a Fiat 128 Spider convertible and it was so tempermental. They really aren't made for North American winters.

Turning on the wipers would also turn on my radio sometimes, my horn would suddenly beep on it's own sometimes, etc. etc.

It cost me $1200 to have the wiring full reworked in the car, but it still didn't help. Trying to redo wiring in an already built car is a horrendous task and not likely to be successful 100% of the time.
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In most states you do have a "lemon law" for cars - I'd check into that. Sounds like they need to give you a new car period.
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You know, don't you, that here in the US most of us consider "FIAT" to stand for "Fix It Again, Tony?"
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There's a line in the movie, Get Shorty that goes something like this...

"What's that? A WOP 9? F**kin FIAT of guns, always jammin up on ya at the most inoppurtune times?"

I think there is a reason FIATs aren't made much anymore.

I've heard that if you have to take a car in more than 3 times to fix the same thing, they have to give you another car. Not like a light going out, but something more major.
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im so fed up of it

i know of the 3 strikes i have a feeling the column switch (clock spring) is on its way again

it spends more time in the workshop then i do and i work there
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