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do you have a weird cat, too?

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Hello, everyone:

I don’t really have any problems here, but I do have some interesting behavior to report and I’m wondering how unusual it actually is.

I have a female mostly indoor—but often outdoor—cat who is now neutered but this behavior has existed since she was a kitten.

Ever since she was just months old, she has hated other cats. She goes off into one of those hissy fits (literally) that only cats can do whenever another friendly feline approaches.

What makes this even weirder to me is she likes pretty much all people (and the ones she doesn’t like don’t deserve to be liked; I give her much credit for that), and she even puts up with dogs, sniffing around them as much as they’re sniffing around her.

I don’t really consider any of this a problem. I’m interested in stories. Does anybody else out there have a cat like this?
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I can't say I have any good stories to share. I have seen cat's like this all the time. I have a multi cat household, so everyone gets along okay. Rene,the president of Helping Paws places cats like this all the time. They have to go to a home where there are no other cats.
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Some cats are just like that. I've read somewhere that cats that are seperated from their mom and littermates too early may become like this.

If you want other strange kitty tales (funny one ) try this thread
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My older cat Indy is almost 5 years old but I've only had him a little over a year. The people down the street had a new baby, so out went the cat! He's declawed & they just put him out, can you believe it!! He use to come to my back door all the time. He was so frendly, so we kept him---after asking the previous owners. Ever since he has been a different cat. He doesn't play, I've tried every toy I can find, he doesn't eat any treat, not one, it's weird. He hate to be held. The vet said he was depressed & I knew he was. But after a year he hasn't changed. He still tried to get out & cries at the window. Soooo, I got another kitty, first b/c I wanted another one & so Indy could have a play mate.
Big mistake! he hates her, growls, hisses & tries to bit her. He won't let me near him now but growls at me to. I love the confused baby but at this point I don't know what to do.
Once or twice he seemed to be coming around, but after a day or so he was only worse. Soooo It's like living with the enemy.
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This is exactly what steams me. I can't say ALL cats change because of a declaw, but most do. Some vets say it is better then not getting a home but look what happened to this guy. They get grouchy and feel as if they need to be defensive because they have no way to defend themselves. Bites are far worse than scratches and now it's their only protection.
You might want to try the seperation approach a few times. You may even want to talk to your vet about a prescription to help calm him for a little bit. Sometimes if they are mellow enough just to adjust to new situations you can take them off the drug and they are fine.
If you know you will always want more than one cat you should do what you can with the two you have. Most people arent as patient and loving as you. It may be hard to find him a home. A lot of people like to have cats who like to be held and such. I just feel so darn bad because he didn't ask to be declawed and kicked out. You are a good person for trying to make this work!!
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Thanks Sandie,
But Indy was declawed as a kitten from what they told me. I just can't believe how they just left him out to fend for himself like that. He had a big patch on his side from an attack when I took him to.He wants out so bad , I would let him out but without claws I just can't do it. As for trying to find him another home--no way. It would be like giving one of my children away because they didn't act the way I want them to. Now with 6 kids that's saying something!!
My one son wants to take Indy back to college with him this fall. Indy relates to Matt better then to any one else. If Indy doesn't come around I might let Matt take him for awhile. Who knows, it might be just what he needs. But I would sure miss him.
How can people be so cruel so a defensless cat?? Makes me sooooo mad!
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Weather they are declawed as a kitten or adult it makes no difference. It usually alters the normal behavior.
I am so glad he ended up with you guys!! Most people would have thrown him out or worse by now. It sounds like you may have a great plan if your son can take him. We just went through the navy to prosicute a couple that threw their declawed cat outside and moved. I was so mad I could have spit!! Thank goodness we found an only cat home for him, as he could not be with other cats.
Just last week, I had someone come in to get their cats medical record. He was taking him to a civilian vet for care. Youll never guess what happened. His DECLAWED cat they let go outside. He is not vaccinated for FELV first off, but he got torn up by a dog. GEE I wonder why...maybe because he couldnt climb a tree or get away...I felt like telling him where to go!!!!
Again..you are an
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The cat Sandie is talking about is Georgie. I took him in when his owners dumped him. He stayed in the carport of the house where he THOUGHT he lived for almost 2 weeks (right Sandie?) A neighbor was feeding him. Neighbors on the other side were kicking him and trying to get him to go away because they didn't like him hanging around. When he got to my house he hid under the bed for all of one day. I was fortunate enough to be able to sleep in the bedroom with him and make him realize that he had nothing to fear. The poor cat was depressed. He finally came out and was purring and rolling on his back. He was at my house for two weeks and a real love bug. Those dirtbags that left him should be ashamed and I hope they are brought up on charges of animal abandonment.

Georgie was adopted by one of my friends at work. They came to see him and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! He now has a home with three kids that adore him.

I think it might be a good idea for your son to take him. You've gotta do what's best for your baby. I commend you for your patience. Afterall, he didn't ask to be declawed and tossed out like yesterday's trash.

I want to have a bumper stick made up with a bunch of cats and dogs on it with the words "WE ARE NOT DISPOSABLE!!" made up. That says it all!!
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My oldest female -LUMPY - is very skiddish - talk about weird..
She is deathly afraid of flies! If one gets in the house, she yowls, jumps and runs down the hall. Hides for hours if company comes - hates our youngest, Noodles, and spends a lot of time on a dining room chair. She hates treats from the table, except for a small and I mean small piece of turkey. Then she only eats one. She had come from a bad environment and is now 11 yrs old..so I can't blame her. She is loveable to me and is Mom's girl.
Her 'quirks' make her all that more special to me.:paranoid3
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Kitty doesn't like any other animals, period. Our former neighbors used to have 6 cats, and Kitty would sit in our window and hiss and growl at them like they were in her home. If she got outside, she would go right up to our neighbor's porch and hiss and growl at the other cats, but she would let Sheri pick her up and would be all cuddly and purr up a storm....:tounge2:

When we take her to the vet, she's ok (very vocal and unhappy, but ok) as long as we are there with her, but if we have to leave her for a test or something, she goes ballistic! Last time the vet said she was almost impossible to deal with. They have to cover the door of her cage so she can't see any other animals (there are 2 or 3 cats that live at the vet's office and roam around freely).

She really is a sweet, loving cat; she just doesn't play well with others!:disturbed
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:flash: Thank you for the encouragement. Only someone with cats & the love for them would understand That's one of the Great :laughing: things about the Catsite, being able to share & help.

Sign by my front door--"WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING IN MY HOUSE "???

You gotta Love it!!!
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