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Does anyone have a therapy cat?

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I've been wanting to do animal assisted therapy for years, whenever I got an animal (dog or cat) who was suited to the task. I never thought the boys had the right disposition for it until recently, but I'm starting to think that Billy maybe has mellowed out enough to be good at it. He likes people and has no problem with at least me accidentally stepping on him, or playfully pulling his tail or being a little rough with him - really laid back and easy to handle,and never retaliates with teeth or claws. He takes new places okay, and I'm looking to maybe improve that by taking him out to different places on his harness and leash over the next few months.

But to anyone who does this - what do you think? What are your cats' personalities like, how do they handle going out and meeting people wherever they do therapy? What is the tempermant test like for cats? How often do you go out, and what hours/days of the week?

The only other person that I know who does animal assisted therapy works with dogs, so I feel like that would be pretty different than what you can do with a cat.

Any and all suggestions, advice, and information greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!
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I can't help you there... but it is something I would love to do as well. I'd like to have a not for profit that does this.. have my own animals and train other people. Sigh... maybe when I win the lottery.

PS - I have seen therapy cats before, like on Animal Planet.
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My cat named Frankie has potential to be a therapy cat. He has a really out going personality and loves everybody he meets. At one time I tried to find a group that did that in my area and there was nothing. I don't live close to a big city.
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Read through the information and download the tests that would be required for your kitty to become a certified therapy animal. If you think they could pass those test, or be trained to do so then they would make a good candidate.
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Thanks! That's a lot of good information, I appreciate it!
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