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What a fun Saturday :)

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We went to Rob's work in the AM so he could finish up a transmission and bring it out to the other shop. Well what an interesting morning indeed! There were 3 cops from the area waiting in the parking lot for the guy at the scooter store next door to get there, some guy had a complaint about his scooter I guess. So a bunch of us were watching the "show". Then on the other side of the building Rob works in, a couple had a huge Chevy diesel truck with one of those big goose-neck trailers on the back ... waiting to pick up a car from the transmission shop there. Apparently the guy wanted to charge them $4000 for a job that should have only cost $1500 (what Rob & his boss charge for that specific model). They decided after they got the quote that they weren't paying $4k for it, so they came and pulled out their Dodge diesel and paid the $400 or whatever it was the guy charged for pulling it out and inspecting it, and the tow. Must be nice to have some money though Those were 2 nice trucks and a very nice trailer! They did equine dentistry, actually.

Then we decided to pick up the car we were buying, and brought that home to clean up. We're giving it to my brother to drive to/from college since he goes 30 miles a day everyday except Wednesday, which is 60 miles. His car is horrible on gas, so we decided to buy this one and let him drive it, and I'll be a lien holder on the title so he cant sell it unless he pays us for the car.

After that, it was off to the shooting range! I shot a variety of 9mm's (Springfield XD, Kahr, Glock 26...) and then a huge shotgun! I have a massive bruise on my arm as well as broken capillaries there too. Shot off 5 4-Buck and 3 lead slugs with that baby, could barely hold my arm up anymore! Rob wants a shotgun and since I'm a member of the range, we 'rented' (it was free though) one to use. By next week we'll both have our Xmas presents - him a Mossburg 500 Tactical 12ga, and me a Springfield XD9 compact 9mm.

Then it was off to date night. We went to O'Charley's for dinner and we both got the Louisiana sirloin ... SO GOOD. I'm eating my leftovers while I type. I got a Hypnotiq Ocean Martini (Hypnotiq fruit liquor, Malibu coconut rum [my fave!], and pineapple juice). Then my friend from work who is also on our bowing team asked me what I had for plans, so I invited her to the Applebee's our friend is a bartender at to grab some drinks.

When we got to Applebee's it was a girl's 21st birthday. She was there with a bunch of her buddies in the Army. We ended up drinking with them I had 3 more drinks (Malibu coconut rum, orange juice, and pineapple juice; then 2 malibu coconut rum, pineapple juice, & cranberry juice). And then a Skyy Berry Vodka shot. They asked my friend, who they nicknamed "Chief" to pick a shot for everyone at the bar, and they'd pick up that tab, so she picked the Skyy Berry. It was pretty good. And surprisingly, after all that, I wasn't feeling a thing yet! But we decided to head out soon after that anyway since we had to get up today to go out to the other shop and put in that transmission!

I just have to hope my poor arm is up to helping with the transmission job! It hurts to hold it up for very long...you'd think I'd learn after the first shot of that 4-Buck ... Then Nero is off to the vet at 2pm hopefully to get his last FIP vaccination, and might get another round of Clavamox because he's still kind of sniffly. Today is also 8 months that Rob and I have been married
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Wow you can sure pack a lot of activity into one day..I got tired just reading about it...
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It's definitely caught up to me today! It's not even 7:30pm and I'm ready to fall asleep!
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