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Sunday!!What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and cool here today. We have lost most of our leaves from the wind the last couple of days so things are starting to look pretty bleak and barren..

Nothing much planned for the day, sprained my knee yesterday so I guess I will be watching a lot of TV today, puttering at the computer and changing ice packs.

Did put the makings for beef stew in the slow cooker this morning so at least dinner will be yummy

The kitties are good, Sassy has been playing nurse kitty, following me around, laying down with me and inspecting every ice pack I am using to make sure it's up to standard...Linus on the other hand doesn't like to share the heating pad he wants it all for his very own...Silly Kitties.

Everyone have a great day
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Just got done working out, and finishing an episode of One Tree Hill.

When my fiance gets home from a meeting at work, we're going apple picking! I think we're going to get some apple cider donuts as well, because the place we are going makes them fresh.

Then a couple errands, and back home. I'll probably watch a movie while working on my scrapbook some more.
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Well.. today is all about cleaning until are visitors arrive!!

So far we (being me and mum) have scrubbed the litter trays , fed the animals , done the washing up whilst dad set up the new surround sound.. mum has hoovered the majority of the downstairs , shes just got to do one more room.. i have hoovered the WHOLE upstairs...
I also need to go scrub the bathroom..

Our friends and their baby(10months) are coming round between 530-600 and we are gettin a chinese and indian take away , with lemon meriange (sp?) pie for dessert with custard ,
We are good friends with them and this will be our first proper evening dinner party with them so should be good!
Anywho enough chattering , more cleaning is in order lol!
Jess x
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This morning I was meant to go up to the canter fields on Patch, but the weather was so bad I had a lesson on Monty instead! 2 days in a row!

After that, went to my nans, shops, and that's it really. Gonna watch X Factor tonight, too.
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I'm planting m tulips, crocuses, and hyacinths today. Its only about 50 degrees out so its a little cool but nice working weather. I've already got one bed done, one more to go and then I'll figure out where to put my garlic, and if Im not completely worn out by then I'll do some winter prep around the yard..whew!
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I'm finally off and sitting on my butt in front of the computer..
It's cooler and has been raining but I have a couple of windows opened so the cats can have some fresh air.
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Going to my sister's for a family dinner. It is to mark the Jewish New Year holiday. This is when we could all get together.

roasted chicken
baked salmon
roasted potatoes
fresh steamed Michigan cauliflower
a sweet noodle dish called kugel
a special egg bread (challah)
green salad
honey cake
cut fruit
traditional: apples and honey
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Lets see....

I read the paper, then did three loads of laundry and hung them out to dry. I had to pick up before totally dry as its now overcast.
Then I cleaned the house and did a good scrubbing in the shower in the main bathroom (its a limestone tiled shower and a pain to give a good cleaning.)
Then I worked on my art/craft project where my medium is cement. Rather than filing I thought I would use the grinder which worked amazing!! But tons of fine cement dust on my clothes, my hair, up my nose (even with a face shield and a dust mask!).
So now relaxing. Neil got home a few minutes ago and we have one dirty ATV!! And me made like $50 playing cards!! (already spent) and bought home a bunch of burl from maple and cherry trees for woodturning.

Want to convince to go out for dinner tonite though....
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I layread at the 11:00 Church service, then we went out to lunch. This afternoon my sister took her male cat Charlie and I took my female Gracie, representing all five of our cats to THE BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS at our Church. We had the only two cats, there were a lot of dogs, three snakes, and two gerbils there. It was, as our Priest called it. "organized chaos.":lol3. We'll probably go back again next year.
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Today we got up and went to the other shop to put a transmission in. Got there around 11am and had to leave by 1pm to bring Nero to the vet for his last FIP vaccination. As usual, they adored him He made himself at home right there on the front desk next to the receptionists

Then we dropped him off at home again and drove back out to the other shop to finish the transmission. What should have been the easy part seemed to be the hardest/longest! We didn't leave there til just before 7pm.

Now I'm about to cook boxed pasta for dinner because I'm definitely not cooking my pork loin, which takes ~1.5 hours to cook! I'm ready to read a little bit and go to bed!
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This morning DH and I slept in quite a bit (he was off work). We had a late night last night (went to a local bar to hear one of his coworkers play in their band) anyways long story short we had a few too many drinks

After we got up we went to a local Mexican resturant and had some really yummy lunch there. I got a fajita quesadilla that was amazing!

When we finished up lunch we went to my mom's house and spent several hours over there. We took down my rabbit's cage (she passed away recently) and put it in the truck (that took forever- it was huge, Colin built it for her). After that we spent a few hours playing with my mom's Beagle and helping her around the house. When we got done we all went to Starbucks and them came back to our house for some dinner My mom left a while ago so now I'm just watching a little tv!
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Well my niece spent the weekend with us, my dad and I. And I slept in this morning. And then once we had biscuits and gravy we went to our neighbors. where my sister and bil and nephew were at. My bil and uncle was helping my neighbor to cut some trees down. They rescently had some storm damage due to some trees that were too close and the ones they tore down were damamged and infested with bugs. As we had quite a few forest fires here a long time ago, before the neighbors house was there even. And then we came back to the house. And I made a big pot of spaghetti for us. My sister and her family joined us for supper. And then we sat and talked for a bit. and now I am sitting here talking to my extended catsite family.
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