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Meowing sounds?

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Do different breeds have distinct meows?

My Manx has the softest, most gentle meow (most of the time) and the Ocicat sounds like a tyradactial dinosaur it is very cute, but since she is still only 6 months old will it change?
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Different breeds do have different meows.

This is pretty much Ana's normal meow, at 1 yr old http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=mhMgdloXi9c

And at 7 months, you can kinda hear Farley in the background if you turn it up - he hates when she's upset

My boys sound similar, not quite as whiney though

ETA, found one with both the boys - they sound the same
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You can hear my Bengal, Nikita here: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=jzPESDDJDps

It's interesting to compare her to Ana. I think Nikita has a lower pitched meow. They're definately using differenet "technique"

I think it's mostly an individual cat thing though
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Yes, many people can tell who is who just by their meows in another room. I've even had very different meows from kittens in a litter. We had one rex that had a "baby" voice - you hardly would hear her. Others had that loud "siamese" voice; you knew who it was a mile away

What's funnier is hearing a tiny soft baby kitten voice coming out of a 16 lb male cat!

I would guess whatever they sound like at about 6 months is their "adult" voice.
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Originally Posted by Meowers View Post
Do different breeds have distinct meows?
Somalis are known for their quiet soft meows. Veeshan has that quiet soft meow(sometimes you can see her open her mouth but can't hear a thing). Kingston is loud like a Siamese but that is not the norm for this breed.
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Well i guess this is her meow then as Holly is just over 6 months old now. It is very endearing to hear her, she always sounds so needy Now and then she sounds a little more 'normal' but mostly like a dinosaur. Think Ill go listen to MissyMotus's cats now.
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all 5 of my moggies have quite different voices... & i hardly ever hear Java purr, it's so quiet. of the 5, she has the most 'oriental' type - long, lean body, long face, etc. but not the siamese vocal habits!
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Not only do different breeds have different meows, but I'd wager that different lines within those breeds have different meows too!
For example, the Maus I've seen out of traditional Fatima lines have very soft trilling meows. My Maus out of the Millwood Indian lines have much harsher "insistant" meows--almost like an oriental!
I have two Maus out of Matiki lines and they sound very much alike. For that reason, I'm curious to hear how Sonhi's Tsekani sounds.

As for my TUVs. . . all of the cats that have come out of my Patik have not only the same meow, but the same growl as well. However, I've got two brothers (unrelated to Patik) that sound nothing alike--though one brother sounds just like a stud boy who has been hanging out here for the last few months.
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Originally Posted by FerrisCat View Post
Not only do different breeds have different meows, but I'd wager that different lines within those breeds have different meows too!
You're right on the money about that!

Each of our bengals has a different tone. We can tell them apart without a problem. The only cat that curently throws me for a loop is the new maine coon. His meows often sound like one or more of our bengals. It's very interesting. We'll have a new Aby soon enough, I'm looking foward to seeing if he'll stand out with a different tone.
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I have 2 aby cats and 1 of them has the sweetest trill and the other sounds like a big cry baby. I had another aby cat who passed away that had such a sweet little trill voice also. My bengal cat is very vocal and has quite a range in her voice. I swear she practices her octaves every day. I've never had a bengal before her so I can't compare.

I know which cat is talking from the other room. My husband used to ask me how I knew which cat was talking(he wasn't a cat man before he met me) but now he knows
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Miss Anna (Bengal) talks alot - she talks to me, to her toys and to the other two cats. Anna uses many different chirps and trills as well as meows to communicate. It's truely fascinating to listen to her. When she has a toy in the bathtub (her favorite place to play) she uses a breathy chuff sound as she smacks and tosses the toy around.

Furrari meows and can get quite loud! While Elija Blue-eyes meows but his are much softer. The boys, like many males, only talk when there's something important (in their opinion) to say - like 'Where's my dinner?' or 'Hey, get this dog away from me!'

I can always tell who's who by their voice, even from another room.
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Originally Posted by KittiesHasMe View Post
Furrari meows and can get quite loud!

I love that name!
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Originally Posted by Meowers View Post
I love that name!
Thank you! Furrari was a speed demon as a kitten - one of those ricochett off the walls and up the curtains types. However, he's more of a Mac truck now.
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I can easily tell my cats apart by voice from a distance, Radar barely ever makes a sound but when he does it is very soft trills and chirps and his miaow is a very soft 'ow ow ow' sound. He is a very long, tall, and lanky cat, and it seems faintly ridiculous to have such a tiny noise coming out of him

Originally Posted by FerrisCat View Post
Not only do different breeds have different meows, but I'd wager that different lines within those breeds have different meows too!
Sonic and Jacob are closely related (Sonic is Jacob's great uncle in human terms) and they have completely different voices, Jacob has the typical strident and deep OSH/Siamese voice and vocalises frequently, whereas Sonic is much higher pitched and much quieter. Blue OSH are often found to be far quieter than other colours of Oriental, it's thought that this may originate from the Russian Blues that were used to introduce blue into the OSH colour spectrum although there is no proof of that! Although if the genes for that were adjacent to the colour genes it would be more likely than not for the traits to be passed on together.
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