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Kid throwing animals in croc pit

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Did anyone see the reports, not sure where it was, about the teen who was throwing small animals into a crocidile pit in I guess it was a zoo not really sure. But how could they do that. And I just caught bits of the story so I didn't get to hear the whole thing. But did anyone else see it on the news?
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I didnt hear it, but that sounds horrible. What a cruel heartless kid
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Somebody should throw him in it.
post #4 of 11 I think this should take you to the article.
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Not teen... SEVEN YEAR OLD.

And he smashed in three lizards heads first.

If he lights fires or wets the bed he's definitely serial killer material.
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Like I said I had only caught bits of it and for some reason I thought they said teen. But what posses a id or anyone to do such a thing. And where was his parents don't they know he could have been eaten as well if he had slipped and fell it would have been over with for him. He is one kid who needs a spanking and so does his mom and dad.
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Yeah, this happened in Australia, in Alice Springs. I am so disgusted. What possesses a 7 year old child to even consider jumping a security fence to do such malicious things?? Where the heck were the parents??

My opinion is that the Northern Territory isn't as, dare I say, "civilised" as the rest of Australia as a whole. That does not go for all of the Territory by any means, but there's a lot more alcohol problems and teen pregnancies, less services, less opportunities, and less hope.
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I read the story. Sick, utterly sick. And to think it was a 7 year old that did it makes it all the more disgusting. In the story I read they said that by all accounts he is just a nasty, mean little boy but because of the laws there, he cannot be disciplined by the legal system in any way because he's too young. Here's a link to another version of the story, this one by AP:,2933,432085,00.html

I'm going to move this to Breaking Mews. It's a little too serious a subject for the Lounge.
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I read the story a few days ago. How sad. Hopefully someone will keep an eye on that kid as he grows up as most serial killers start out killing small animals.
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The little gremlin
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That's really sick, and that child's parents really need to get the kid some help...Most serial killers start out torturing and killing small animals so it is definitely not a kids will be kids thing...
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