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Feline Pine - UTI?

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Hey everyone -- it's been a while since I've posted here. I apologize in advance that this is so long -- But I figured I could get some feedback on a certain issue.

My cats are normally the picture of health (girl - Cassie, boy - Napoleon Dynamite) and besides checkups or whatever, they are rarely in the vet for any illness. So in April Cassie was having some potty issues, and she was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. She was on meds for about 10 days, and fully recovered. Needless to say, now I am on the lookout for any weird potty behavior from my cats now. So the other day, I see Napoleon is exhibiting the same behaviors -- pacing outside the litter box, visibly straining, going back and forth between boxes with not much coming out, etc. Of course I take him to the vet THAT DAY. After some testing, I get essentially the same meds Cassie was on in April and he's back to 100% just finishing up the meds. So here's the thing -- like I said, my cats are really healthy. A little on the plump side ;-), but they've had all their blood work done and there are no red flags. But I thought it was strange that my two healthy kitties can have the same exact UTI within months of each other.

So the one common denominator I've thought of is that I changed their litter last year - actually, twice. I used to use just Fresh Step or whatever -- then I started using Feline Pine Clumping litter, but Cassie started having sneezles from the dust, so I switched to Feline Pine granular, which has been great -- but I wanted to know if anyone has had problems with maybe bacteria lingering around in the pine. See, the vet both times with both cats couldn't find any "grit" and they tested negative for kidney problems or blockages. She suggested that if they poop, the bacteria might get around the urinary tract area, causing an infection. Has anyone had these problems recurring?
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It could be something as "simple" as genetics....or else they could well dislike the litter so 'hold it' longer before going potty - which can cause a build up of bacteria (not 100% sure on that one).
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Done know about the UTI, but after switching from FS to FP, I hated FP! We now use WBCL and it is so great! They shoudl hire me to advertise

Really, it could be so many things...hope it is ok.
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We are using wood stove pellets. Charlie had a UTI last year - none since. But we think it was due to him holding it when at shows (for the weekend).

I really don't think its the litter if they are using it normally. But like the one poster says, it may be due to him holding it longer. If you have 2 litter boxes, try different litters in each and see if it works better.
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Some cats HATE feline pine, and if a can develops any pee issues after a litter switch I'd immediately suspect the litter and go back to the old litter. I suspect your vet was treating them on suspicion of a UTI and that the real reason is a litter aversion. Set up a box with fresh step and see what happens.

If it works and you dont like the dust you could try a natural clumping like world's best (corn).

I've dealt with 1000's of cats in my cat rescue group and feline pine is probably the only litter ive encountered where some cats have an immediate and total dislike for it (as reported to me by adopters).
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Are they both from the same litter? I have two brothers from the same litter and the same thing happened to me. 1 month between each other they both got a UTI. One worse then the other. They are pre-disposed to it. I have 3 other boys and 4 girls and none of them have it, just these two.
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I do not uise clumping litter with my cats.
It sets Cocos Asthma off and the vet said not to use it.
Feline Pine makes her sick also.
Coco has a bladder infection again right now and its ecoli.
I do not think its the litter that you are using.
Are both cats related?
Certain foods can cause it also.
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UTI' s are so complicated and repeat and repeat themselves. they
are so hard to cure.
Yes, I do believe there could be a connection in changing cat litter.
I would change that. Also if you use a cover box I would uncover.
I would buy Dr Esley cat attract additive or litter for a while to get them using the box more. I do thinks cats do hold themselves if litter is
bothering them.
I would slowly change to food that is more UTI friendly. If you are
not feeding canned, I would do that and add water to every serving.
Canned is much better then dry.
It is a horrible thing for cats. Good luck, I've been there.
I moved to the cat breeze litter system myself.
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You might also look at Dr. Elsey's Senior Cat litter - supposedly it's designed especially to help with UTI problems that apparently pop up with seniors, but, who knows, maybe it'd help with yours as well. I know I've had great luck with his Cat Attract litter with my boy who had litter box issues.

Or, just get a couple of new boxes and a variety of litters and see if any are a hit! But, I agree - while it may not be 'the' cause, it surely wouldn't hurt to try a few new ones since the litter change is a common denominator. Good luck!
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