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Sick cat - advice for overnight vet stay

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I have a 7 yr old indoor short hair domestic who has had diarreah and wasn't eating since Wed night.
He saw the emerency vet as well as the regular vet and is now being kept (obviously thrugh until Mon). Xrays were taken - nothing glaring shows up and fluids were/are being given to him.
I am just wondering if anyone else has had to leave their cat for multiple nights in a non-surgical situation? I know it was better to keep him hydrated and have them look into possible serious complications, but I feel like I have created a more traumatic situation for him than might have been necessary.
Any thoughts?
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If he would have been better off at home, your vet would almost certainly have sent him home. At the office, they can monitor him continuously. The vet must think something more serious is going on.
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Buster stayed at the vet all last week (Saturday - Thursday) because he was bleeding profusely in his urine. I work very long hours and don't know how to administer sub-q fluids. It was best for him to be monitored by the vet. Now that he is home, he continues to love me and hang out with me on the bed.
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Thank you!! It makes me feel so much better.
What I failed to mention in the first post was that they forgot to call me with any update and then closed for the weekend without me knowing his condition. I had to drive to the office and post notes on all of the doors for the staff and finally received a call back! (With profuse apologies I might add).I suppose that scenario added to my stress. I also guess I have to remember he's a cat and not a human! Much appreciated. Hopefully it won't end up being anything serious! Glad your baby is home!
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next time, Its always good to put something that smells like you in the carrier. the vets usually dont ask to keep them if they dont havce to. glad your cat is getting some good med attention and gets well fast!
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Coco has stayed at the vets for a week.
In 2001 she was very sick and stayed at the er then we took her straight to our vet and she stayed almost a week.
Meeko also stayed for a week when she was 3 months in 2000.
It will be ok.
They do not keep them unless there is reason.
My Coco is sick now but did not have to stay at the vets.
I hope your cat feels better.
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They have probably done it so he can be on a drip, which will be the best thing for him.
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Both cats have been away at the vets for periods of time.
Kismet was gone for almost three weeks, but hers was a special situation and the vet took her home at night so she was never alone.
Cello was there for 5 days, and he was heartbreaking.....I left my sweaters with him and went to visit him everyday and he would start crying the minute he heard my voice and the vet told me for an hour after I left! It was hard but being on the IV drip saved his life, he needed the fluids and the meds....
im sure they will let you visit, so I suggest you do. And while you are there try to get him to eat unless he is eating fine on his own (i did this with cello, he would only eat while I was there and I brought really stinky baby food to feed him)
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