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New kitten, health questions

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Today, my older brother found a stray kitten, and brought him/her to us. The kitten is eating and drinking fine, but something seems wrong with one of his legs. His back left leg he won't walk on, and when I lightly pull on it, he doesn't make an effort to pull away.

We are taking him to a vet for a checkup monday, and tomorrow we are gonna bath him (he is dirty from being outside) He looks to be about 2 months old. His leg shows no signs of injury either. We also made him a small littler box, but has made no effort to potty.
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If he was very hungry before he was picked up, it might take a day or two for anything he eats to work through his system. Keep him in a small area like a bathroom or utility room with food, water, and a litter box, so he can find it all easily.
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No words of wisdom on the leg, but it may be that it was somehow broken previously and has healed incorrectly. I know you'll ask the vet about it, but it might take an x-ray (or more) to show what's going on with it.

As MrBlanche has said, it might take him a day to potty. He's probably scared due to the new environment, new smells, new people, new sounds. Keep him confined to a small space so he's not so overwhelmed by all the newness and he should start pottying soon enough.

Be sure to keep us posted on his progress!!
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He already is eating and drinking fine,and he potty in the litterbox this morning. His leg seems hurt though
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Good news that he's eating, drinking, and using the litter box!! However, sorry it seems like his leg is hurting him. Maybe a heating pad on low with a towel (or 2) wrapped around it (to avoid burning him) would help ease the discomfort until you get him to the vet??? Is he able to jump and stuff like that? What about when he uses the box? Is he able to use that leg to support himself or does it pose a problem when he potties?

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Sounds like it must hurt. Cats are so good at hiding their pain, so when its noticable i always assume it must really hurt. hope its nothing serious.
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How is your little one doing today and did you get him to the vet?
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