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Bengal Bloopers!

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Hee Hee I had to share this photo page with you all.

Adventure Beach Bengals
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Oh that is too funny! I love it! Thanks for sharing that. I especially like the stretch-and-capsize pics. Max does that all the time!
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Gotta love those claws! Looks like they come in plenty handy!
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What adorable pictures!
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Those are too funny!
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Those are the cutest! So funny!
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww So Sweet
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LOL! That was fun ... thanks for the link! (gorgeous cats too!)
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LOL, those were great!
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Hehe! Too cute! Thanks for the link!
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Too funny!
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I loved it!
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These cats/kittens are beautiful!
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They were so cute! What fun!!!!
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Those are so cute!
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How cute!!
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I love the tongues!
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Haha, that was great!! Bengals are sooo pretty! I remember seeing pictures of Tiki and thinking "Oh wow."
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