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Sporadic Nervousness in Siamese x

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My wife and I have 3 cats: Leo and Minou (6 yr old ginger coloured tabbies from the same litter) as well as Ciel (4 yr old Siamese x). Ciel has been the problem child lately because everytime he goes from the main floor of our house (which is mainly hardwood floors) to the second storey (which is 90% carpeted and 10% vinyl floor), he seems to be intimidated of everything.

To give some background, all of our cats took quite well to our move 2yrs ago into our newly built 1900 sqft house. This house receives more natural light and provides them with an environment which they have a much larger place play around. Our old house was half the size of this one and was mch older.

As for Background on the cats, Leo and Ciel are best friends who luv to wrestle and cuddle w/ eachother. However, Minou is our invisible cat but is quite affectionate when u are seated on the couch. Minou tolerates Leo as they seem to have a slight bond b/c they came from the same litter. Ciel respects Minou's authority but has befriended her since Leo goes to what we call "summer camp" during the summer months b/c we live in a neighbourhood which is not too cat friendly. Thus, Minou and Ciel can be found licking each others faces when they come in from outside or are waiting for food. Leo is your typical relaxed easy going cat who loves everybody and every species with exception to the ones which he hunts!

Ciel is your typical Siamese who is loyal and attached to the owners. He is our scarf at night as he loves to cuddle us quite snuggly. He has been our most expensive cat as when he was 1.5yrs old, he developed a urinary tract issue which caused him to have bloody urine. We rushed him to vet who saved his life and it was beyond worth it. This is because he is the most affectionate human-like cat I ever seen. Since then He had one reoccurence shortly thereafter which was dealt with immediately. We then regualted all of our cats' food intake and made sure that Ciel was physically active. I should also mention that Ciel is quite doglike as he is beyond loyal (he literally refuses to leave our property lines) and he plays fetch. If u throw one of his toys, he will fetch it, bring it back, and meow until you throw it again!

The problem with Ciel started about 2 months ago when my wife and I went away for 2 weeks. The day we left he seemed to know that we were leaving and was quite anxious but was "normal" towards my mother inlaw who housesat for us while we were out of town. When we arrived home, he did his usual tackle us and smother us with affection. However, when my wife and I went to bed, he was very nervous going up the stairs and seemed like he was unsure of himself. The behaviour seemed to get better over the next month but over the last month, it has become much worse. He gets extremely tense around dirty laundry which is temporarily on the floor (max 20min while in shower). He also refuses to walk on any carpeted area of our room which is not an issue for him as he is an olympic long jumper! Nevertheless, he has become much more nervous. Usually when I see him get nervous, I simply pet him lightly and pick him up like a baby. He luvs being carried around like a baby for some reason. The greatest sign to me that something is wrong occured today when my wife went to help him in a moment of nervousness. It seems that Minou, who luvs to play with dirty laundry, took one of my dirty socks out of my laundry hamper and placed it on the stairs. Ciel would normally walk right by it like nothing had occured but today he got extremely nervous and scratched my wife's face quite violently. I came upstairs when I heard my wife crying to find her with one of his claws broken of in her face. I carried out the necessary firstaid on my wife and tended to Ciel who seemed to be apparent that he had done something wrong. I didnt yell at him like most cat owners I have encountered. I simply checked his claws and found that one had been broken in half but not to the pink area of his claw and then placed him on the ground without giving him any affection.

Sorry for the long post but I figured that I would give the whole backround rather than giving 1/2 the story. I figured that I would post b4 tearing out my carpets and reaplcing them more hardwoods or eco-friendly wool carpets b/c Ciel seems to enjoy our wool area rugs.
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Well first I want to commend you for not yelling at him like I know some people do with their kitties, as you seem to understand that what he did was not intentionally harm your wife, but only a reaction to fear. (not that intentional harm would mean its ok to yell) I hope your wife is ok, too.

It seems something has certainly startled your little boy and seems like it happened while you guys were away.

Have you ever heard of Feliway, it mimics a cats friendly phermones. I would suggest plugging these up in the area that he is fearful of and help him understand that whatever has scared him is ok now.

I assume you spoke with your MIL to see if anything directly happened to him that area?
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