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Well I Had a Lousy Day!!!

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As funny as it sounds I sprained my knee by stepping on an acorn this morning.

I decided to walk to work this morning as I often do because it's only 10 minutes away, I was almost there when I step on an acorn with the corner of my foot, my foot slipped sideways and with my knee problems that is all it took.

I got to work and it wasn't to bad to begin with but after about an hour it started to swell and to hurt really badly..So my boss drove me to the Hospital were I spent most of the day.

Surprisingly I got in fairly quickly but waiting for X-rays, having it examined and waiting for the verdict took about 3 hours total..

Luckily it was only a sprain and if I stay off it for a couple of day, use lots of ice, and take the meds the doctor gave me I should heal fairly quickly...I was pretty worried there for awhile because I am really protective of my knees and I am always scared that next time they start acting up they may not get better..

It is aching quite badly tonight so I guess I will take a couple of painkillers and head off to bed shortly...

The sooner this day is over the better. Of coarse the kitties are being very loving especially Sassy who hasn't left me since I got home...I am a lucky kitty mom..
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Oh goodness Im sorry to hear that. It sounds like something I would do. Sending speedy healing vibes your way
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Oh man!! It seems that the simplest of actions can cause the most pain.

Make sure you follow the doc's orders and use R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression and elevation).
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Aw hope you feel better real soon!
Jess x
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Thanks for the well wishes..

My knee feels better tonight although it still hurts a to walk on to much. The ice has helped the most I think...

Guess I will have to watch out for those killer acorns for the rest of the fall...
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Yeah watch out for the acorns Bless your heart Vibes you feel better soon
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Sending healing vibes your way!
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I am so glad you knee is feeling better. Continues healing vibes

Its good that you can laugh about it
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