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Catteries - are they good or bad for the furbaby?

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I know people are going to disagree with me for letting my cat outside before I even start but I'm currently freaking out. Please give me some advice!

Harry is allowed as much inside access as he wants. Unfortunately he would much rather be outdoors and I have given him that grace. He can roam as far as he wants pretty much but he comes back for food at least twice a day.

We are going away at the end of this month for 6 nights. My 2 regular minders are not available (I literally discovered this 10 minutes ago I'm ashamed to say). I've realised my only option is the cattery. I really really am upset by this as I put him in one of the top catteries in this country last year yet he came back with 2 week's worth of chronic diarrhoea.

I'm going to call a different cattery tomorrow to see if they can take him. I have met the owners before and they have convinced me that he will be in the best hands. My biggest worries are the fact that he is used to such a free roam, he hates the car and he will be stuck in an enclosure. I'm feeling pretty rubbish to be honest.

Can cats adapt pretty quickly or will I come back to two weeks of diarrhoea again? I'm going to leave his own food for him at the cattery to lessen the chance of this by the way. Please convince me that I am not doing the most evil thing ever
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Maybe try keeping him in a little more leading up to your departure. Or perhaps your vet could recommend someone to take care of him in your home since your usual sitters can't do it.
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I am currently catsitting an indoor/outdoor cat. She hates staying in! Bt her furmeowmy asked me not to let her outside just in case, and i agree.

the cat may not be 100% happy about being inside for so long, but at least she is at home and safe. I give her alot of extra love too of course
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all i can see is someone who is terribly concerned about the welfare of their cat.

i agree with the other 2 posters also. i would check out your vets for a trustworthy sitter, or a cattery might be your only other option.

if i ran a cattery i would have no issues over a new customer contacting existing customers for references. we are talking about a living creature here so any 'worries' should be addressed by the cattery. maybe you could approach them and ask if this is possible. whilst you'll still worry about him being confined for 2 weeks, at least you'll know he's in the best place.
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Thanks guys.

I went up to a local cattery this morning and the women who run it seem brilliant. They gave me a lot of reassurance and I have booked Harry in. He will have his own private sleeping area where nobody can see him and then an outside area where his litter tray will be. They give the cats dry food on demand and roast chicken as treats.

I'm feeling a lot happier as it means that we can start going away for longer holidays and I won't be so worried. The women also reassured me that if he ends up with diarrhoea again they will put him on a chicken only diet.

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that's great news! hope you and harry have very happy holidays!
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First I think the idea of taking your own food is a good one. Cats don't like to switch foods quickly and that might have been more of the problem the first time.

Second, to help him adjust to not going outside for the time he will be at the cattery, I'd start keep him more confined inside till you take him there. Does the cattery have outside runs where they can sit for awhile during nice weather?
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My cat goes in a cattery and he loves it! The people are great and have a vet nurse working there. I always take my kitties own food with me and his bedtime treats! I am more concerned however of putting him in in winter but I always make sure to check the temp and make sure its warm. Mine goes outside too and he's fine with it!
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