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I caught ashton!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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He is in the cage right now meowing his head off. I still haven't seen lilly, So i figured I better catch someone, or i'm not going ot have anyone to bring ot the vet to get fixed. I'm going ot contact my aspca, and see if they will let me give him to them and adopt him at the same time. That way he will get fixed faster.
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Hmm, I don't know about the SPCA thing you mentioned. Here in my part of PA, if you surrender an animal to them, you cannot then adopt the same animal. But NJ may be different. Good luck! How is Ashton reacting to being inside?
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Good for Ashton and hope you find Lilly soon!
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How great! Poor ashton must be throwing a fit. But its for his own good. He is lucky he found you.
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Way to go!
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Did he fight you?
When I was trying to catch Licorice family, mostly the mom but she evaded every trick, they (the feral kittys) were SO MEAN. they bit, they scratched, clawed, screamed, everything for me not 'to get them'. And now look Licorice is the sweetest, cuddlyest baby, and so are her sisters, all placed in family households-like with kids.
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nah, I called him, he came up to me. and i had a can of food open, i let him sniff it and i picked him up while he was licking it and put him in the cage...now he is looking sooo sad in there and not eating. He is breaking my heart!! I'll have to post a pic of him
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My feral kittys that seemed to adopt my yard came from a women down the street who swears up & down she had no idea where they lived. Well being worried about them I kind of stalked her, and I watched her pick them up and then bring only one inside, when I went to ask she said 'those ones are to dirty'. I was so offended, my neighbor to the back has a garage that is for his 1 cat (heated+luxury) so I asked if the new kitty could go with him. After a little while she stuck around back there, this is when I wanted to spay her. Then the next week we had Lic's litter. I got all the kittens but not her, and till this day she scats away when I come near, food or not. I guess she's never been loved by humans so she doesn't know what she's missing. But she's safe and warm and has a full belly. AND thats all that matters.......until I can get her to operate.
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So what's the latest on Ashton? How did he do at the vet?

And who's the next to go to the vet now?

Wow, Val, you're a busy woman!
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Like Tasha said "Way Too Go"
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Well I saw lilly again, so I'm going to borrow a big crate from my mom and try to catch her.

Ashton won't go to the vet until May 8th if i can catch lilly.
Lilly has an appoint for May 1st, which ashton will get if i can't catch her and then she will go on the 8th.... then snowwhite and the kittens will be going for shots, then snowwhite will get fixed UGH my vet is going to get rich!
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Good for you!!!!
Keep up the good work, its worth the effort...
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Holy smokes, are you ever busy! What a crazy scheduele.

Can you afford this ok?

I hope it all works out and everyone gets safely neutered.
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My vet takes credit cards I had one very very very nice donation that should hopefully cover three of the cats. For the others i'm just hoping my business gets busy or ther are more kitty angels out there
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this is my vet scedule

Monday April 28th ~ Misty (shots and yearly check up)
Thursday May 1st ~ Lilly (shots)
Friday May 2nd ~ Lilly get fixed
Thursday May 8th ~ Ashton shots
Friday May 9th ~ Ashton Fixed

Appointments I need to make
Sherbet to get fixed
around Tuesday may 20th ~ kittens first vet visit and snowwhite shots
around Friday may 30th~ I think i'm going to get snowwhite fixed. The kittens will be almost eight weeks.
Nanook (dog) yearly visit

and then the three kittens need to be fixed
I better start playing the nj lotto!
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Good for you! Will your vet give quantity discounts? We used to go to a vet in PA (unfortunately now retired) who gave 15% off for three dogs or 3 cats, which was pretty smart, since it inspired loyalty!
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Ugh, I know kinda of what your feeling but I have to save my a$$ off ( excuse the language!!) to get my 2 male dogs, my male kitten (at the end of may. )nuetered and shots. Then once my cat has her babies at the begining of may, early june (the only litter shes EVER having , thanks to a nice spay job AFTERWARD ) I'm having her and her sister ( not blood but I consider them my children) Spayed and shots. Ehh and thats if I can afford it though. I wonder if there is a Vent Part of this site lol..

Thanks for reading

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