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My new kitty

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My husband and I where visiting a animal shelter and we saw this 9 weeks old kitten all by itself no mommy or siblings. It was separated from the other cats cause it was to young to play with them. Apparently the cats there fight really rough. So I decided that the poor kitten needed a real home and we brought her. My DH and I decided to name her Beta since she is our first kitten and we couldn't think of any other name. She is very affectionate but still gets real skitish and take of real fast if there is a loud noise. We got a laser pointer and she chases that thing everywhere she's got so much energy. today we let her on our bed and I think she decided that it will be her bed for now on and we can sleep else where. Here are some pictures of Beta.

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Awww!!! Looks like she made herself at home quick!!!!
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Awww, she's really cute!
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Awwww Beta is so precious! Congratulations on your new addition!
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She is so pretty!!! And the guy with her is pretty cute too!

Good luck to you all - Beta certainly found a loving family!
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Congrats on your new addition, she is a cutie...
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A very pretty kitty, and it looks like she has taken to you very well.

It takes a little while for them to lose their mistrust in a new situation, so don't be surprised if a loud noise or some unexpected action frightens her a little.
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Oh cute! Congrats on your new addition!
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Congats! she is so cute.
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Aww she is so cute!
Jess x
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awww she is lovely
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She's adorable Congratulations
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Originally Posted by darlili View Post
She is so pretty!!! And the guy with her is pretty cute too!
lol thanks thats my DH I have so many more picture now. Beta can be so crazy some times. Her favorite toy right now is a the plastic shopping bags. She'll pounce on them then walk away then pounce on it causing it to slide across the floor then she'll leave and do it all over again until she reaches the other side of the room it's so funny to watch At this very moment though she is going nutters over a towel...I think it got some catnip on it.
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