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I haven't lost my touch!

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Yesterday I got to practice my IV skills on a medical resident. She had one hand that had difficult veins and one that had pretty good one. So she left me poke her twice. I got the IV in both times!

She tried on me, but my veins are really, really hard to find, so she wasn't able to insert one on me. However, her Attending doctor swallowed his fear of needles and let her practice on him. He told her that she gets one try, and one try only! She was successful!

I'm still catching up on all of the changes and still reading binder after binder. I reviewed the central line changes and brushed up on their protocols for assessments following certain procedures IE: how often to do vital signs after surgeries, how many periodic bladder catheterizations to check for urine retention in the bladder, that need to be done after a catheter is taken out after bladder surgeries.

And I helped a medical resident write up a couple of medication orders that she wasn't sure how to word.

It's all coming back to me, but it's so frustrating as to the number of changes that have taken place. I'm going to ask the manager on Monday if I can attend the hospital orientation for new nurses. It's designed to show you the different pumps, dressings etc. So I think that while I'm not "new", I qualify for the orientation because I've been off so long and so many things have changed.
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That's awesome, better you than me It takes a special person to be a nurse
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That orientation sounds like a good idea. People forget that things change incrementally over time and when someone has been gone for awhile, there are gaps.

It sounds like you're really doing well.
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wow, that's so great!! Good for you!!
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Glad to here you did well, it's nice to know there are people out there that can actually insert I.V.'s well.
I have had several done over the years and only two of the people who have done them have manage to get it in in one try..
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Inserting IVs is probably the one skill I do as a nurse that I enjoy the most.
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I have to give any nurse who can get an I.V. on a first try my kudos and a big hand. As I have a funny story about my bad experience with an I.V. But it was more about a bad nurse, and I am a nurse's aide and I don't call people bad nurse's often. So my applause goes to you for being a good nurse which we already knew anyway. I will post it in another thread so as not to steal this one.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Inserting IVs is probably the one skill I do as a nurse that I enjoy the most.
That's a really useful skill, too. Not every nurse has it (and doctors are often worse). I've had IVs several times, and am ever so grateful that both hubby and my sister are RNs who have the right "touch" when it comes to IVs.

Doing the orientation sounds like a good idea to get back up to speed.
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