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Cat and Kitten Food

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I feed my boys a variety of wet foods, and I buy the kitten formula cans for Freddy and the adult for Seamus, but what always winds up happening is that Freddy will see what Seamus is eating and go into his bowl, and Seamus will eat the kitten food because he got interrupted from his meal. It's the same with the dry, Freddy seems to prefer Seamus's dry food. So I was wondering, what are the major differences between adult and kitten formulas? Is Freddy missing out on nutrients in the kitten formula that he may need?
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Basically kitten food is higher calories for growth. I would feed them in separate rooms for awhile till they are done eating so they get the proper nutrition. Many adult cats like kitten food and vice versa.

Personally I only feed kitten food till about 4-5 months old (depending on size/type of breed). My rex kittens were only on kitten food for 4 months cause they would gain too much weight on kitten food - adult rexes are only about 5-7 lbs when grown. Larger breeds can be fed kitten food up to about 9-10 months old (like Maine Coons). Medium size cats can be fed kitten food for about 5 or 6 months at the most.

Unless a kitten has been sick and needs the extra nutrition, then you don't have to keep them on kitten food for a long time.
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To avoid the hassle I switched to a premium all life stage food, EVO, and just feed adult wet food or all life stage wet food (their new fav is Instinct lamb or rabbit). My cats are 1.5 and 6mnths.
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