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black mass in cats ear???

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My girlfriend noticed a black mass in my cats ear today. I have no clue what it is. Can anybody help?

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I have no idea. If you don't know what it is though, the best thing to do is get your kitty in to the vet to check it out so you don't end up with worsening problems. Keep us updated, and sending vibes for kitty!
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I do plan to take her to the vet. I just wanted to see if I could get an idea before I went.

Possibly ear mites??? it is a really hard mass though.
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I hope you have made a vet appointment by now.
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I dont know, but it lokoks really bad Hope the vet is to be seen soon.

When I got Kitty she had massive ear mites. When the vet stuck a q-tip in her ear it came out all gunky black...
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I would go to the vet as soon as you can. Even if its nothing serious, it can't be very comfortable for poor kitty. When I got my kitty from the shelter he had a few earmites and we got some drops and it cleared up, it was black too but it was nothing at all like that. Is it bothering your kitty? I he scratching at it or rubbing it?
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Looks like a severe and long drawn out case of ear mites to me! Off to the vet you go!
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I'd just make sure I'd describe the issue to the desk when making the appointment - hopefully it's nothing too horribly serious, but I think I'd like them to get me in ASAP. Actually, knowing me, I'd be calling for an appointment from their parking lot!

Maybe write down any symptoms you or your girlfriend have noticed - headshaking, pawing at the ear, responding, or not, to sounds....any little thing may aid the vet with diagnosis and treatment. Good luck, and let us know what the vet says. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Abymummy View Post
Looks like a severe and long drawn out case of ear mites to me! Off to the vet you go!
I have never seen ear mites that looked like that??, but then it is possible. Hopefully it is not serious.
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Any news? I hope kitty is okay
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Whatever it is, it needs to be taken care of yesterday! Let us know what the verdict is.
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Is there an update on this? I'm curious what this could possibly be.
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I am still wondering what it is too
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Me too! I wonder what it could have been.
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Hello (echoes)?

Any update? I've very curious to know what this was!
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I googled, "black mass in cat's ear" and discovered that the OP has posted on several cat info boards. Same question to everyone and responded back to none of them. I doubt we'll ever know what happened. Poor kitty--hope she's OK.
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Major vibes this kitty gets the attention it needs ASAP
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Sounds like ear mites. My Casey had tons of them when he was rescued as a kitten. Please take care of them quickly; they can cause major problems if left untreated. If I recall correctly, we used ointment on his ears twice daily and the problem cleared up fairly quickly. It was so nice to see his cute little pink ears!
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