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New Member's Kitty- kris1114

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Isn't he cute?!

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Awwww! Climbing the cat tree is just precious!
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I want another kitty!! Wah!

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What a cute kitty! And welcome Kris! What's the kitty's name?
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What a cutie!
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Hi, and thank you Hissy for posting the pictures of "Balki"! He is about 9 wks old. Does he look siamese to y'all?
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Kris, yes, he does look Siamese to me. He is adorable!
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He's only tiny, I love kittens sense of fearlessness. He's holding on for himself but also for his mousey.Too cute!!!!!!
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He is adorable!
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Yes, he is fearless. I think he will end up competiting for the "alpha" cat role, or maybe he is just being a wild and crazy guy. But, he runs right up to my other males and wrestles with them. Luckily, my males seem to sense he is little, and are remarkably gentle with him. He also has his favorite water dish, and if any other cats approach it, he charges them.

He is so sweet, and always wants to be picked up. He will cuddle with you for hours, and even if I'm very uncomfortable, I don't dare move, because he is just too cute!

I'm wondering about his coloration. As far as I can tell, he matches that of a flame point siamese. You can't tell by the picture, but the color points are stronger than they appear. I don't know his history, he came from a stranger.

I know this should be in the health section, but does anyone have any experience with coccidia? Balki has coccidia and is on day 8 of his Albon. I am scooping the litter pans 2-4 times per day, and bleaching 1X per week. My vet says the chances of spreading it are minimal so as long as I'm diligent with the litter pan. I wonder how stubborn coccidia is, will the Albon take care of it? He also had a URI, he was sneezing, had green discharge, and swollen lymph nodes. He is on day 8 of Amoxi drops. He looks and feels so much better. I can't see any more discharge, his eyes are now vibrant and alert, and he is much more active, TOO active! He is literally bouncing off the walls, and has a HUGE appetite! Vet wrote the directions for 10 days of treatment, but told me to use it at least 5 days, and said I can now stop since he feels fine. Should I continue for the 10 days, or stop now? I'm paranoid as he is so little.

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Your new kitten is soooo precious!!! I think your kitten looks Siamese also, maybe there is a Siamese cat somewhere in his ancestory. He looks very similiar to my cat, Snowball, who can be seen in my signature. BTW, Snowball is also part Siamese.

About the medication: The best thing to do is to call your vet to ask any questions and express your concerns. It probably won't be in your kitten's best interest if you stop medicating him too soon.
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I know, but it was the vet who told me that I needed at least 5 days worth of medicating if he felt ok, 10 days if he still has symptoms. She told me I could stop, so I guess I will, I'm just nervous.

Balki does look like your Snowball, he is very pretty! I'm anxious to see what Balki will look like when he's grown.
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Balki's a total sweetheart!

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I LOVE his name!!!!! And he's precious... and it sure looks like you've got your hands full!

BTW - Welcome!!!!!!
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Balki is a hoot! I love siamese cats -- he definitely looks like a flame point siamese.
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I had a Flame point Siamese before and he lookes just like him!!He is beautful!!! I would say he has a least a little or maybe all Flame Siamese in him.
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He's such a cutie! I'm glad to hear he's feeling better. Mine all had URI when I got them, too. It's hard to see them miserable and sick. Sounds like now that he's better, things won't be dull around your place! I just love the picture of him hanging on to his cat tree for dear life!
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