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It's Only A Little After 7 O'Clock....

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And it's already dark out!

I don't like it when it gets dark that early. It makes for such a loooong night!
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Dark is good. I like it. DST ends Nov. 2..
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I actually like it when it comes, although I dread the loss of the mild weather. I find that as long as it is daylight outside, I am frantic to be doing social things. When it gets dark and cold early, I am content to stay home. I enjoy being home, but somehow I feel I am wasting time, or being unproductive, if it is mild and daylight outside.
Obviously, a psychological problem that must stem from my childhood.
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
Dark is good. I like it. DST ends Nov. 2..
& i can't wait - i HATE DST!!!!
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I like the night time. Everything slows down and it's very quiet then. I like to stay up late and listen to the night. It's so quiet and peaceful.
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I hate it when it is still dark in the mornings when I leave for work (at about 7:30/7:45) I would rather be curled up in my nice, warm bed still
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When I lived in Montana there was a drastic change in sunset times between summer and winter.

In winter, around January or feb it gets dark between 4:30 and 5:00. Driving to work AND home in the dark. In the summer time though it stays light till almost 10:00.

I'm in phx now so it doesn't change much (We don't go on daylight savings) and in San Diego it always seems to get dark around 7:30 or 8
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I like the long winter nights.

In the summer, when it's light until 10:00 pm, I'm always starting projects after dinner, there's still more than three hours of light left!

But the winter nights make me rest. When it's getting dark at 3:00 pm, I don't start any work, it's more kick of a back in front of the fireplace and watch a movie night.

(I don't like that my husband has to drive to work and back in the dark, though.)
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