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How did you spend the holiday?

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Oh, easter, Passover, we all had some time off!

I just spent a lot of quality time with the family, and ate until I just couldn't get off my chair!!!!
tomorrow (last day off for this holiday) Im having a big BBQ with my boyfriend's extended family. Again, I will do some eating...

How did you spend your time off?
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I went to my aunt's house... we have all of our holiday celebrations there. We mostly just ate too much and chatted... pretty normal stuff.
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Actually pretty quietly, wasn't feeling that great. Spent it here with BF and cats. Kitties used to get tuna weekly until I learned of the risks, so now they only get it on special occasions. They got some yesterday, and they were very happy cats indeed!
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Amber & I went to church Easter Sunday, and then over to my mother-in-laws for dinner.
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I fixed dinner here foe 11 people.It was a beautful day!
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My family has never really celebrated Easter. We did when my brother and I were little, but in the past 5 or 6 years we haven't done a thing. Usually Dad will grill out (if its nice) and we lounge around all day.

I'm glad to hear everyone had a great Easter! Hope the Easter bunny was good to ya!
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We had out-of-town relatives staying with us Easter weekend. We had a wonderful time!!!
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With close friends and family! The best way to spend a holiday, in my opinion, with people you care about.
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Easter would't mean a lot to me if I did't have the grandkids.they love it! same with christmas.
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First Passover Eve we spent in the kibbutz where my BIL lives. Then I was sick most of the time and only got better about a couple of days ago

Last night was second Passover Eve (yep, we have two) and we were here with MIL and hubby's family. There was so much food we're going to keep eating holiday dishes for at least one more week
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I guess eating and spending time with our loved ones (including pets!)IS the best way to spend the holiday
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Bill and I just hung out, around the house.
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with family. My son brought a girl for the first time to a holiday dinner (he's 22) guess it's gonna be serious this time.
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