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Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

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We are so excited. We got one of our rescued cats into Best Friends
Animal Sanctuary in Utah and can't wait to go. The cat we are taking is FIV+ and has diabetes and our shelter is straining to pay the bills for his regulation. Best Friends has agreed to take in George. We are going in June. Has anyone ever been? Any advice before we go?
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I never heard of Best Friends-but I would say that George is one lucky kitty!
Good luck to you and George on your journey to his new home.
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You are right. He is one lucky dude. You should check out their website. It is bestfriends.com. It is wonderful! I can't wait. I am afraid I will stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Is Best Friends the palce where you can adopt a kitty and send money every month? This is so great for your kitty. Do they have a web site? Linda
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Yes, it is in Kanab, Utah and I can't wait to go. You can adopt from them or just volunteer for a day while you are visiting. We are a very small sanctuary with a space of about 2500 s.f. Best Friends is like on 600 acres and has cats, dogs, bunnies, fowl, horses, etc. Go check out their site. You can even take a virtual tour!Best Friends
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Best Friends looks awesome! I spent quite a bit of time at the website the other day.
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I have been on the web site before but there is a place where you can actually adopt a cat and you send money to that cat for its upkeep - any know where it is? Linda
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I'm sure you didn't mean this one... but the Israeli Cat Welfare socity has this program:
I know that many adopters live outside of Israel, so if anyone's looking for this option, feel free to visit their site.
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Thanks Anne and hello but no that is not the one - this is one that you actually got pics of your kitty etc, that you adopted - you send like $10 a month - I will find it by trying to do a search. Linda
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