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OMG! I'm In Love!!

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My airmiles reward items arrived today. Just 5 days after I ordered them!

One of the items is a back massager:

Homedics Back Massager

You can set it so that it just rolls up and down the back, or a full Shiatzu massage. It has upper, lower or spot settings, and heat too!

My lower back was a bit sore today, so this arrived just in time. I have it working on my lower back right now with heat and massage, and oh man! Does it ever feel good! The only thing I don't like about it is that it has an automatic timer that you can't adjust. I think it's about 10 minutes, but I guess that's a safety feature.
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Sounds lovely , im rather jelouse lol
Jess x
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I almost got a bread machine, but at the last minute removed it and put in the chair back massager instead. I'm so thrilled that I did. Usually these thing turn out to be completely useless, but I can say that this item surely isn't.

If I were thinner it would get a couple spots that it's missing, so I have to turn a bit sideways to get the outer edges of my lower back, but it still feels heavenly.
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Ah, that's a great way to unwind from your new/old job! On those rare occasions when Mom is able to drag me to the mall with her (I hate shopping), we always end the trip by plopping down in coin-operated massage chairs to eat our Marble Slab chocolate-swiss ice cream cones...
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OoOoOoO!!! My Grandparent's have a massage chair and it is fabulous! I miss it after we come home from seeing them. I think the timer is a safety feature. I know when they first got the chair my Grandpa was spending too much time in it and ended up with bruises on his back (he does take blood thinners though, as he's had several heart attacks over the years).
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I have one of those things too for my back (minus the heat): sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. When I first got it, I guess I used it too long, b/c I sure was sore the next day!

I like my TENS unit a lot better!
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