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My Poor, Sick Kitty!!!

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I have an about 8 week old kitty that was found on the side of the road about 4 weeks ago with a broken leg. She broke her hip and her ankle. She was weak when we found her, and we immediately took her to the vet. The vet originally wanted us to feed her Science Diet dry food. However, when we brought her home and started feeding her, she would throw up after she ate. After i mentioned the vomiting, the vet recommended that we attempt the Science Diet A/D wet food, which we did. She did a little better with that, but she was still vomiting sometimes after eating, as well as making noises out of her nose that sounded very much like a was almost as if she were getting something caught in her nose, so i started spreading her food around the plate to keep her from digging her nose in it. This helped a little, but did not alleviate the vomiting after eating.

When it was time for her 2nd round of shots, I called the vet and asked them to take her in at about 10 am and let her stay there that day so they could watch what she's doing when she throws up, because they seemed to think it was just an upset stomach. When i went back to pick her up at 5, they said they had been attempting to feed her all day, and she threw up everything they gave her. This was the first time they even acknowledged that the vomiting might be something more. So, they had given her an x-ray and had seen a foreign object in her stomach. It was small, and they believed that it was possibly something metal or plastic that she had ingested. They gave her a shot, which i cannot remember the name of, that is supposed to speed up the gastrointestinal process, recommended taking her home, and feeding her small meals of dry food sprinkled with metamucil in order to try to get the foreign object to move. She refused to eat the Science Diet dry food (i'm assuming because they had been trying to get her to eat it all day and she kept getting sick) so i had to give her Purina One for kittens

I took her back the next morning at 8 am to have another x-ray. I had just gotten back home when the vet called to tell me that the foreign object was no longer in her stomach, which was a great thing!!! However, she wouldnt eat their Science Diet food, so they asked me to bring some Purina One up there for her, so i did, and requested that she eat her first meal there. I waited while they fed her, and they came back out to tell me that she had, in fact, thrown it up, and believed it was because the vet tech gave her about 10 pieces of dry food instead of they gave her another shot of the stuff to speed up her gastrointestinal process and wanted me to do the same thing i had done the night before, except this time, to increase the amount of food every hour...start with 3 pieces, then 4, and so on. So, i did. She did good until we got up to 6 pieces, then she vomited...

i called the vet and they said i had given her too much food (even though i did what they said). They prescribed me and anti-vomiting medicine called Metoclopramide/Reglan Syrup (1 mL every 8 hours), which i went and picked up immediately. They told me to go back down to 3 pieces every hour for about 4 or 5 times, then increase it. I went home and gave her to the meds and, shockingly, she immediately threw up when she hadnt eaten in over 2 hours. However, she did it so quick that she managed to eat it again, so i didn't giver her more medicine.

This whole thing has been completely heartbreaking because my kitten is SOOO hungry. She screamed and whined at me all night because i didnt feed her more than 2 pieces every hour. She stole bread off of my plate, she scrounged around the kitchen searching for food....she even stole some of the dog's food when the dog walked away from it!!!! And she threw up a couple of times that night.

She threw up once this morning, but that was because my roommate gave her too much food before i woke up. Since then, i've given her about 1/3 of a forkful of Science Diet A/D every hour, and i decided to cook some Jasmine rice for her. I gave her maybe about 10 pieces of the rice and a tablespoon of the juice it was in. She seems to be doing ok, but she has gagged a few times, though she hasnt thrown up..yet

I need help, because i have no idea whats going on, and everything the vet is doing seems not to help...i've spent almost $300 in the last 24 hours to have a kitten that is still vomiting...does ANYONE have ANY idea what may be going on?????
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Poor baby I don't know why she would throw up repeatedly like that, The vet has no other ideas what it could be? Maybe boil some chicken, that will be more substantial and keep her full longer, along with the rice. That's what I give my kitties when they have an upset stomach. Good luck and keep us updated how it's going
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Aw, your poor kitten. I'm afraid i have no idea what to suggest other than going back to the vet explaining in detail what you are are doing and what the kitten in doing and telling them that what they have suggested isn't working. It's their job to find out what is wrong with your kitten and make it better. I hope it gets better soon.
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I feel for you and your little girl. I have nothing significant to offer except what I have experienced. I have three kittens that were orphaned at 2 weeks old. They have now hit the one year old mark.

One of mine vomited all the time at that age. Vet finally admitted maybe a food problem. I took away solid food and started on kitten milk replacement again for a few days. Under vets suggestion. Day one I mixed half "Just Born" brand (not as harsh on stomach for him) and half clear pedialyte. Give in small amounts every half hour to hour. Next day full strenght Just Born. Next day after that I started mixing in some canned premium food. Then went to all canned.

This helped mine. All situations are not same, but it would not hurt to try. The kitten milk has lots of nutrition. Hope things get better soon.
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Well, I took people's advice and went and got some Just Born Kitten Replacement Formula. . . . and she seems to love it!!! The box said to let her eat until she didnt want to eat anymore, and i did, and she didnt throw up!!!!!!! I was so happy!! She feels a lot heavier and has a nice round belly. I think i'm going to leave her on that for a day or so by itself and then start mixing it with some mushed up wet cat food and try to wean her to it...Does this sound like a good idea?????

Now, i'm kinda winging it at this, so if anyone else feels i should try anything different, PLEASE dont hesitate to let me know!!!
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You know what I'm going to guess? You said that shew as 8 weeks old, and that you'd had her since she was 4 weeks old, but that she has never eaten without vomiting.

I wonder if she just isn't able to digest the dry food? You said she did better with wet food, and now that she is doing better on what is essentially milk. It may be the foreign object is still working through her digestive tract, or she just wasn't used to the hard food, or whatever.

Keep a close eye on her litter box, too.
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I am so happy your kitty is finally knowing what a full belly feels like !
I am glad you found a good way of taking care of her.
As I was reading, and before I read she is finally doing fine, I wanted to tell you about my experience with my orphaned kitty, now 1 year old.
Well, just so you know...
My Zoe used to throw up after every meal, but
1) she was older than yours and
2) she didn't seem upset by that
That said, I wanted to share that I stopped Zoe's vomiting by feeding her Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. It stopped the day she started it, and my other 2 cats eat it too, it can't hurt.
When your baby overgrows the baby food, that might be an option for her delicate digestive system.

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She has so much energy today!!! She's been playing with any of the dog's toys she can get her hands on, as well as chasing and attacking my feet when i walk. the last time she was even anywhere near this playful and energetic was a few days after we found her.

I'll keep everyone posted as i start to take her off the KRF in a few days...thanks again!!!
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YAY that is such great news
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I almost started to cry at first

So glad she is doing better, she is just barely old enough to away from her mom at 8 weeks. that is about when they get weaned i think. no wonder the poor thing was sick. im surprised your vet didnt suggest the justborn milk sooner. also, my vet has never suggested SD, but i did feed that awhile back in the beginning. there are other foods, wet and dry, that are just as tasty and same price as SD that are better IMO it just takes alot of work to find the right one!

again, so glad she is doing better
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So glad your little one is feeling better!! I know that brings so much joy and peace to your life.

I'm with the previous poster who mentioned the wet food. I think at her young age, dry is really going to be difficult for her to digest unless it's wet down. I would continue doing the milk, but start gradually adding some high quality wet food such as Wellness. You might even add some ground up chicken breast or chicken tenders (raw), but just a tad. If you're uncomfortable with raw, boil the chicken in water with no seasonings, grind it up in the blender with a some of the broth and add that to her food. You can add the broth to the wet food to make it more soupy for her, too. (I have a 3 yo cat who LOVES soupy wet food!!)

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