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up close

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now...is it the same cat?
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I don't think it's all the same cat. Number 2 and number 3 are the same cat -- there's a tiny bit of white over the right eye in those two that's not present in number 1, and there also seems to be a light dusting of white over the nose. Number 1's fur looks sleeker, and the eyes are rounder than number 2/3.

Pretty kitties, though!
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I actually fooled ya...numbers 1 and 2..is the same cat....although I used a filter on the 2nd photo..called fractalius...which is why the white...
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Love that black nose in the first pic
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oh wow, I love these close ups. I would love to see one of these as a background to good cat poem or poster....
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I love the first and second pic the best
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WOW!!! Great pictures!!! I LOVE the first picture!
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