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Cleaning/sterilizing litter boxes

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I am giving several of my old litterboxes to the local Humane Society. (Failed experiments with my cats) I want to make sure they are cleaned and sterilized first and need to know what is the best thing to use. I know Lysol is toxic to cats. What about chlorine bleach? Or should I just stick with the soft scrub cleanser I use on my sink?
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I'd say a good scrub with some soap and water and maybe let them dry out in the sunlight would be sufficient.

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That's what I do each week. Scrub them out with Method soap and hot water. Clean as a whistle quick as a wink.
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I use Seventh Generation products on my litterboxes. It is an all natural cleaner and save for humans, pets and the environment. Just scrub it with either the dish soap or spray it with the all purpose spray! Makes them good as new!
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Thanks. Just regular cleaning will be the easiest anyway. I just wanted to make sure the litterboxes are really fresh before I give them away. The poor shelter kitties have enough strikes against them already, they don't need any extra stress.
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I always clean mine with vinegar & water, then set out in the sun for a while.
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I usually put a little Clorox in the pan and hot water. Be sure you are in a well venilated area when you clean them. If its sunny out, you could sit the pans in the sun for a few hours after they are cleaned.
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soap, and hot water, and sunlight. if the next person wants to clean them again just to be sure, even better!
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