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Anybody have a cat with asthma?

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Jazz has been diagnosed with asthma. She starts here inhaler tomorrow. I have left it out for her to see and have put it on her face to get her used to it, but she squirms and scratches!!. I have to give her 2 puffs a day for the first week and then call the vet, as I understand it we will slowly take her off of it and she will have albutirol for any future asthma attacks. Any advise? Thanks!
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My Coco has Asthma and she has a inhaler.
This is what the Aerokat looks like.
I still do not get all the mist in her because she tries to block me.
I hope it works well for your cat.
I always sit on the Sofa when I give her the inhaler.
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No, im lucky mine dont have asthma. But my SO does and it is really awful. Hope it gets better.
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I have two cats with asthma but they are not bad to the point of needing an inhaler. *fingers crossed.* Hope Jazz improves and you both have luck using the inhaler.

Have you read the the following page? .
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Holly Golightly has asthma but we didn't have to get an inhaler. The vet said that if I vacuum the carpet often, then we can control her symptoms. She rarely has an asthma attack these days.
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Has she ever had the Depo Medrol Shot or Pred.
Coco had that before and worked well except it gives her bladder infections.
we switched to the inhaler last May but her asthma is worse at certain times of the year.
How bad is your cats asthma?
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She was on clavamax for 3 weeks and the attacks have stopped, she's on flovent now to help heal the scar tissue on her lungs. I also have albutirol in case she has another asthma attack.

Have you read the the following page? .

Yes I have and it's been a great help.
Thanks everyone!
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Coco is on flovent also.
Fritz the Brave died in July at age 13.
It was posted in the Feline Asthma Groups I am in.
It is a good site.
If you need anymore help on Asthma let me know.
I have Asthma also.
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