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Major vibes needed please

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Our fostere has just had to take one of her kittens to the vets as an emergency, as he went completely flat - his heart rate is sky high, about 220, so he has had a steroid jab and she has to give him beta blockers twice a day, but it is very touch and go - he is only 6 weeks old. And not only are we very worried about him, and him pulling through, but also for his 2 brothers - these are Kizzy's babies, they haven't had a good life so far - 2 of her 5 babies died before we got them at 2 weeks old, she barely had enough milk so we had to separate mum and babies and Rach has been handrearing these since they were nearly 3 weeks old, and I think it is debatable how much antibodies they got. Apart from being slow on eating, they were doing really well until this, so fingers crossed he can pull through, and the other two will be fine, especially as it is a weekend!!
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May everything work out for you in this difficult time
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Mega healing vibes for the kitty.
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Vibes sent for the kitty.
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Awww poor baby
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Thanks guys - the vibes might have worked, he is fine this morning, although we will still be keeping a careful eye on all 3 just in case.
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I'm so happy to hear this good news, continued Prayers and for them all. I really admire you and all the others that foster especially sick fosters, I wish I had it in me to do this but I'm so wishey washey, I get too emotional and start crying for them at the drop of a hat, then I'm no help to anyone. The best I can do is offer many Prayers and for you all.
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Thanks, it certainly can be hard fostering, this is one of our new fosterers who hasn't had to deal with any illness yet, and it has been tough on her 8yo daughter too, although she wants to be a vet, so she will end up seeing plenty of this. I am just hoping this is a blip and that everyone will be fine, it is awful losing fosters, but more so when they are babies. Here is the update from RAch

Tigar made it through the night and is soooooo much better this morning. I was up till 4 am keeping an eye on him. He is still not great although a million times better than last night. He is normally really playful and wont leave me alone but he is just snuggled up today, but still alive, I can't believe it as I actually thought he had died yesterday on the way to the vets. He hates the beater blockers and tries to spit it out little money. Keep send those vibes for tiger (named by the kids)
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I hope he will be ok.
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