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well I did it...

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well I went in and got an interview on the spot, but they said they even if I got hired, it wouldn't be for at least another month! UGH! I really don't want to wait for that long but I have no choice! would you be upset if I asked you for at least a months worth of board magic to help me get this job??? I'd love to change jobs and get this one, even though it's not my dream job of working with animals, it's a job I want to try and I really need all the help I can get at getting it!
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Don't worry your a shoe in!
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Sending positive vibes your way.
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*whips out her magic wand and points it at jugen*
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Positive thoughts coming your way!
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POOF! Consider it done!! Sending good vibes to you!!!!
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One month's worth of Board Magic coming your way!
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Sending even more board magic to you.....
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Positive vibes coming your way!
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You have a month's worth of prayers and board magic coming from me, Barb! I just read your first thread about this, and was going to reply but then I remembered seeing this thread in my e-mails so I figured maybe it was about the job, so I didn't reply to the other one but came here instead to see how it went! I know it is hard to wait, but I am sure it is worth it in the long run!!! Keep us posted!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!
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Bipty, bopty, boo, I'm sending good luck to you!!! (heehee)
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You'll be in my thoughts every day. Sending super-positive-get-the-job vibes.

I must have missed.... what did you interview for, and when will you find out if you get the job???

Congrats on going for the interview! We know how miserable you were ... I do remember the holidays....

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sending a month's worth of positive vibes from GA!!!
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good vibs and prayer coming from NY
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Enough positive vibes to last a month coming from Minnesota!
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Good luck! I will send positive "get the job vibes" your way everyday!
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Laurie this job is a factory job and like I said while it's not my dream job, it's something I now need to get to save my sanity. I had another seizure last night and I can't deal with my present job and I really want to get out of there. My seizures are coming more frequently and are being caused (partially at least) by the stress and strain of my job and I need to get out of there before I go postal and freak! I barely eat and when I do, I still am loosing weight(at first that was a good thing, now it's not, I'm down to 108 and I'm 5'4), I can't sleep, I'm tense all the time, I snap at anything that moves, I growl all the time, I'm not happy anymore, I've put off my wedding plans 4 times now, and I have headaches all the time. yes I think it's time for me to move on. I'm not happy anymore and that's not good for anyone involved. I try not to show it to anyone alse, but sometimes it slips through and that's not a good thing so I am hoping beyond hope that I get this job so I can start fresh and get back to who I was because darn it, I liked that person, and I really hate the person I've become. I enjoy the person I am when I'm not at work, I just am a sort of Dr jekyll and Mr Hyde type I guess.
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Barb!!! I am so sorry to hear you have been having seizures!!! Have you been to a Dr. and could they help at all??? This worries me....stress may not be the only culprit here....and also the weight loss worries me...please go see a Dr. if you haven't already. I have a sister-in-law who has epilepsy and she has mostly gotten it under control with medication, but I think undue stress does bring it on for her. Please let us know how you are doing!!!!!!!!!!!
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++ vibes going your way!! what kind of job is it? Best of Luck!!
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I am so sorry to hear how bad you are feeling! I really hope you will get better soon. What kind of job is it that you have now?
I´m sending you a huge dose of magic that will last a looooong time!
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restaurant work is what I do now.
Debby I am on medication now. I just switched over to a new kind of medication and it doesn't seem to be as effective as the other the one I was on was. I am currently on Topamax. I was on Tegretol. I think I am going to call my DR monday and tell him i want to go back on Tegretol I never had any of what they are calling break thru seizures with the tegretol. The topamax contributes to my weight loss but the stress i have from my job doesn't help at all. I got to endure 8 hours of why did I loose my license and how this was going to effect my job preformance today, not a good day let me tell you and it wasn't my fault. like I ASKED for the state to take my license. it's mandatory if you have a seizure that you cannot drive for 6 months after the fact, period. I give up, I can't win for loosing.
btw, thanks for caring you guys are the greatest.
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Barb, I feel so bad that you are so depressed and sad today. I do understand to a certain extent.... never having had a seizure I cannot fully understand what you must go through, but you are to be commended however, for being honest with the driver license people...my sis-in-law...who had seizures...bad ones daily, lied about it for years....just so she could get her license. She put alot of people's lives in danger...she had wreck after wreck, and blamed it on "the weather, the curve in the road, she was tired, it was too dark.... etc etc "
She almost killed her children when they were little because of this...(an accident that left her son in traction and her daughter barely breathing) Thank God you are honest about it....that says alot about you....you obviously a very honest and caring person. I wish I could say something to help you through this rough time in your life......just please know that I care and I am here for you if you want to talk....we both live in Iowa so we aren't that far apart...if you need me I am here.
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Debby, you are such a wonderful person. I can't wait to meet you someday in person, just so I can give you the hug you so deserve!
Having a seizure is probably the most (ok it IS the most) scariest thing I've ever had happen to me. I don't know what happens to me during that time frame. I don't know how long I'm out for. I don't know where I am. It's a horrible feeling, I swear. barely remember waking up the other night with my s/o hovering above me but I didn't know why so the next day I asked him and he told me that I was having a seizure. It explained why I was feeling so depressed and sore but I don't remember actually having the seizure. the same thing happened at Petsmart I remember going to look for Brad to show him the new cat bed I was going to buy but couldn't find him so I walked back to get some cat food figuring he'd find me, well all of a sudden everything went silent and there was this horrible ringing in my ears, and that was the last thing I remember, the next thing I remember is honey (what I thought was) screaming at me(he was just quietly asking me though) "can you talk?, are you ok? can you walk?" and not knowing why he was asking me that, and at the same time wondering how we had gotten home(we were still at Petsmart). No I don't like having seizures at all, they scare the poop right out of me. I thik they scare me probably more then even my biggest phobia of water. I'd rather sit in a pool all day then keep having seizures if I had a choice.
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Do you have any temp agencies that you could go to for the time being until the factory job starts? It might be worth it to quit now & find a temporary office job of some sort. I think it would make you sooooo much happier & there would be so little stress.
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not really Kim. I wish there were. Clinton isn't a big town so there isn't a whole lot of options here for me an darn it now that I can't drive, my world is limited even more. But I am confident that with my Cat site vibes behind me, I have nothing to worry about! I can do anything!
I had another seizure yesterday, that's two in the last 4 days.It used to be that I maybe had one every year, now they are coming this close, I think it's time to get back on my original medication. I called the doctor and left a message telling them I wanted to go back on the tegretol no ands if or buts and I wanted to know how to do that then left a number where I could be reached for the next three days so now it's up to them to get ahold of me. It's obvious that the Topamax isn't working and the Tegretol was so I want to go back period.
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I hope your Dr. calls soon! Do you have any refills left on your old prescription? Make sure to discull the change with the pharmasist so he can let you know if there will be any repercussions. I'm sending you extra vibes when we get together at 9:01pm tonight.
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I am guessing that you have insurance thru your job? What about going on a stress-leave or short-term disability? It seems to me that it is job-related that is causing your seizures. Most insurance companies cover such things. Maybe think about that, and take advantage of it. Then, you could be home until the new job comes through. If it were me, I think I'd do it.
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If I knew I was going to get the other job, I'd just put in my two weeks now, but since i'm not sure if they are going to hire me, I really don't want to do anything like that until I know for sure. I just wish they'd call me and let me know either way. I'd like to get out of Ljs but I realistically don't think it's going to happen.
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I hope everything wors out for you hun. Did you have an interview? I forget if you did or not. A good way to ensure the job is to send a thank-you letter after the interview. I've got a basic one here if you want it. It might help...
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Sure if you have time to send it. that'd be fantastic! thanks! I never thought of that.
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