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A quick question, Does anyone know of anything to help stop cats itching.

My cat's got a few bald patches and scabs around her neck where she's scratched and licked the hair and skin off.

I think it's fleas. I used stronghold around 3 weeks ago but as I only had one dose and it was just before pay day I had to use 1 dose for 2 cats. I'm not going to be able to treat her now for at least another week. Anyway she is very itchy and has a huge bare patch between her shoulders which is obviously very sore.

Is there anything I can put on it to stop the soreness & itching ?? or at least something to deter her from licking it ??
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Do you see any flee dirt or signs of infection?
It may also be an Environmental allergen, My dog Kyra just came down with a "Ragweed" Allergy.
Have you ever given your cat a bath? a medicated shampoo may help the itching and help heal the raw patches but I would consult a vet if possible, it could be something more sinister than just fleas.
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Thanks for the advice. I think it is fleas, she had the same thing last year and it was fine once we got rid of the fleas.

I've noticed what I think is flea dirt but haven't seen any fleas yet. Apart from a couple of dead ones after she had half a dose of stronghold.

I'll try the medicated shampoo and contact the vet.

Thanks !
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Isis has that problem but not because of fleas, and the vet gave her PROZAC! I tried her on it for a few days (not knowing what if was) thinking it'd help, well all it did was make her a zombie. All she did was sit in the dinningroom by the fish tank and not much else. So I took her off it. I'm going to try Bach's rescue remedy to see if it helps her stop itching so much since the vets around here are apparently stupid...If not then I guess I'll take her to the cats only clinic 45 minutes away and see what they can do (if anything)
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Fleas don't usually cause bald spots. It sounds like ringworm.
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My female cat Cinnie, is highly allergic to flea bites, she just needs the bite of one flea to start her going with hot spots and bald patches. The Vet had told me that. I try to get the front line on her before the season starts and each month after but sometimes I'm not fast enough and the next thing I know she's tearing with itch. I have all indoor cats so I don't know where they come from. I put the Frontline on, and the hot spots I bath with warm water and apply Neosporan and rub it in good so theres nothing on her skin or fur she can lick. I also comb her with a fine tooth comb to get the scabs off and the fleas. That feels good to her because as I'm combing her she closes her eyes. Good luck.
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