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Changing Natural litters again!

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Don't you just feel as if you've tried every single litter out there on the market??? I know I do!
I've tried all kinds of clay based litters, and while they did the job, I hate clay, for the environmental reasons as well as the smell of the clay itself and the dust.
I'm a pretty big fan of the natural litters for those reasons.
When I first got Chester, I had him on WBCL (multicat cuz it was cheaper at the time) and loved it! When I moved back to my parents house though, they only do clumping clay.
Then I moved back out on my own, and tried some clumping clays, but really was very unhappy.
I went to presidents choice green litter for a long time, but it didn't have the odor control I'd like.
Then, one day I tried Feline Pine Scoopable. You know, I really liked that litter, but I couldn't keep up with the vacuuming and had to give it up.
I tried WBCL again, but my boyfriend and I were both completely turned off by the smell. I don't know if they changed it or something, but it was GROSS! I mean the actual litter was gross, before the "action" started.
Then I tried FP normal, and it works ok in general. Problem is that my boyfriend and I have moved in together, and the litter pan is right near his desk. He complains often that the pan smells, despite my carefully sifting, separating, dumping the sawdust and replacing the litter every 2 days. We already have a covered pan.
So, in order to have something that I can sanely clean daily, it's back to the clumping.

Does the WBCL original smell different then the multicat? Has anyone tried a store brand (Pet Value) that works? Again, natural, not clay...ugh, I hate finding new litters!
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Unfortunately, there is no perfect litter yet.
It can be really frustrating.

Like you, I cannot tolerate the oder and dust of clay litter.
I have used WBCL original ( can't stand cheap litter perfume) for about 2 yrs.
One box/2cats.
I am home much of the time so when my cats go...
I scoop.
That helps with oder control.

I tried newspaper/soggy urine soaked paper...yuck
Pine and pee were not a good combo for our household.
At this time Worlds Best is our choice.

If someone would invent the perfect litter,
they would become an instant zillionair.

Good luck with your search.
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We are using the wood stove pellets. DH has not complained since we changed over.
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I just went through this exact same thing. I searched thread after thread trying to find the best "natural" litter after my 6 month run using Nature's Miracle (corn cobb based). It was great at first, but after a while my older cat stopped using it. I believe it began retaining odor and she felt it was too "dirty" to use. I couldn't tell myself unless I got down within a few inches from the litter. I think the problem is that the litter didn't clump as well as it seemed and so tiny bits of urine would remain in the litter that I couldn't see.

Anyways, after reading review after review, I gave up and decided to try the least dusty clay brand out there...Precious Cat Ultra Litter (blue bag). It's 99.9% dust free and I have yet to see any dust or smell any clay with this one. Not only that, but I filled only one of my three litter boxes with it and neither cat would use the Nature's Miracle any more. So, the cats voted and this one is my winner. It clumps extremely well, has zero odor and I don't see or smell any dust. My kitten always digs with head down and would always come out of the box with some of the corn cobs on her face. Now she doesn't have a trace of anything (no grey powder film), so I feel safe using it.

Good luck with your search and if you find any miracle product do let us know!
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Yes, I've tried Dr Easleys blue bag too! I liked it the best out of the clay litters I've tried, but I found that the whole box got smelly too quickly and I ended up tossing it faster than many other litters I've used.
I even tried plain baking soda in an attempt to keep it...but it just didn't work. I so wish it did! The cats seemed to like to dig in it best too.

Xocats: did you try the multicat formula at any point? if you did, did it smell differently? if it did, how?
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Originally Posted by Sylorna View Post
Xocats: did you try the multicat formula at any point? if you did, did it smell differently? if it did, how?
I have not tried the multicat litter because I just assumed it was scented.
I would like to hear from someone who has tried it and how they liked it.

If you do try it...
please let us know how you liked it and if it was scented.
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
I have not tried the multicat litter because I just assumed it was scented.
I would like to hear from someone who has tried it and how they liked it.

If you do try it...
please let us know how you liked it and if it was scented.
I have tried it, and loved it the first time many years ago, but I hated it the last time I tried it a few months ago. It wasn't a "flower" scent or anything, but it was a very strong very strange scent (imho). When the cats went to the bathroom it wasn't that I could smell pee or poo, but that the smell got stronger and permeated the whole 1 bedroom apartment.
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I tried WBCL multi formula and my cats hated it. They peed on the floor after the second day. I like Dr. Elsey but don't like clay for enviornmental reasons otherwise I'd stick with it forever. I just switched my kitties to a pine clumping called Feline Fresh. The texture is more like clay than Feline pine scoop. I don't think many have heard of this litter because I started a thread about it and no response. I don't think many natural litters will clump as well as clay. I found that out right away. So far, my cats are using the Feline Fresh , but I have a stand by bag of Dr. Elsey just in case someone decides differently. If you liked the Feline Pine you sould try Feline Fresh.
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yeah, I saw that you had posted about that stuff, but I have no idea where to start looking for it, especially since it's new and I'm from canada (we usually get things much later than the states).

Maybe I'll take a look around
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I think the company sends samples for free, that is what the pet store employee told me. If you call the company they will tell you if it's sold in your area. If you try Feline Fresh let me know what you and your cats think about it. So far, I love this litter. It is so much better than Feline Pine scoop.
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Yes, the multi-cat WBCL smells different from the regular. Looks different too. It's a darker color. I don't know how to describe the smell of the multi-cat except to say it doesn't smell very "natural". I bought it by accident one day. The kitties used it fine so I stuck with it. I don't know if the odor control is any better than with the regular.
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i use and love WBCL, and they are very differnt- the muticat and original. but i can never remember which one i like best! I think the multi cat is less corn smelly but works better.
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