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Soft Paws Question

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Reviving an old subject, but I had a question.

Angus tolerated me putting his soft paws on. I believe they've been on for about 2 1/2 weeks. Old two fell off, and I just put those back on. My concern is this. . .

They are staying on really well. So not only are his claws getting longer but he is still growing and the girth of his claw base is getting wider. How much longer do I let his claws get before I try to cut these off? Is there another method somebody might recommend to remove (and replace) these claw covers?
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The nail caps will come off on their own when your cat sheds its claws (i believe its about once every 6 weeks?)
I don't think I'd ever try to remove my cat's soft paws.
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I wouldn't try to cut them off, that sounds like it could be damaging. I would just replace each one individually as they come off (instead of waiting for them all to fall off).
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Thanks for the responses. Some of his soft paws have started falling off and when they do, I trim his nail back (being careful of the quick) then replace the cap. The really good news is he continues to grow and I believe next time I need to order some, he will be out of kitten sizes and I will be able to order the "small" size and be able to get some colors. Kitten size seemed to only come in clear.
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i've removed Cable's in the past. hers seem to stay on the longest [probably 'cause she doesn't 'fiddle' w/them!] & i've had to. i cut a bit off of the tip, & the rest usually will come off easily. then i clip closer before replacing them.
i may stop using them altogether - the new furniture is not as 'scratchable' as the old stuff was!
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