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My Weight Loss

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I just wanted to share my progress .
I have been on a diet for about 4 weeks now. I have lost 21.4 lbs so far! It has been a struggle since I am a VERY big eater and I'm lazy.
I have always been a big girl and I'm sick of it. My best friends wedding is in April and all the bridesmaids are shorter then me and they are all sticks, I stick out like a sore thumb. But of course that is not the only reason I want to loose the weight, I just want to be healthier.
I hope I can type on here my progress .

I have a question for the MODS... Can I put a weight loss ticker in my Signature?

Thanks everyone
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You can put the ticker in your sig as long as it is within the size restrictions.
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Wow!! 4 weeks and lost 21 pounds! You go girl! I need some of your will power. Congrats to you, that is awesome.
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That's wonderful! Congratulations! But you're losing awfully fast -- are you sure your diet is a healthy one? Please make certain you're getting enough protein, taking daily vitamins, and drinking lots of water...
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Good for you, that is awesome, you should be very proud
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Thanks Everyone
I am drinking plenty of water, about 1 1/2 gallons a day (no more soda), taking vitamins and eating fruits and veggies. I lost most of that weight the first 2 weeks which was mostly water weight. Now its coming off about 3-4lbs a week.
I'm basicly doing a 1200 calorie diet. My breakfast is usually the same, an apple and a Special K meal bar. For lunch I'll have a turkey sandwich and the 100 calorie snack packs. For dinner it's usually chicken with loads of veggies and maybe some beans or red potatoes. And of course at night I have my 100 calorie popcorn. Don't worry I'm not starving myself even though my stomach wont stop growling lol.
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Good for you! Are you exercising as well? Weight loss sure takes a lot of discipline, and it sounds like you're doing great!
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Congratulations! My weight loss isn't as fast, 12 lbs in 4 weeks but 6 of that was last week! Congrats!
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Good for you!! My DH & I had to change our diet as he has high cholesteral, or had, he dropped about 25 lbs, and looks & feels great. Keep up the good work.
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A suggestion - when you drink a lot of water you need to make sure you're getting proper amounts of sodium (unless you have high blood pressure), potassium, magnesium (electrolytes), and probably a few other minerals that are slipping my mind at the moment, as large amounts of water can make your kidneys flush them out.

Stay healthy and don't push yourself to lose too much too quickly.
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Good for you! Thoes first few pounds are always the easiet to loose dont give up! What is your target weight loss? (Not your target weight I would never ask that, but how much do you want to loose?) Cutting out soda is a good start it is so bad for you besides the amount of calories! It eats away at your teeth and causes kidny stones. Add some V-8 to your diete it is a good way to get a good amout of veggies in your diet and it tasets yummy! If you don't like the way it tastes (I don't LOVE it) the V-8 fruit frusions is REALLY good!!! I not huge on diet food, but some of those snack bars are really tasty and pretty filling too. Just some segestions, good luck and keep it up! IMO its not all about what you eat its how much if it! Excerise helps alot too. I know it sounds dumb, but I really like the excerise videos. I just pop one in when no one is home and get in sweat pants and my sports bra and follow the video I really like the yoga ones! It is fun and good for your body! If you can maybe look into taking some kinda of calss. It is always more movating to do something when you are paying for it

Congrats again! Stay healthy and good luck!
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Oh I am so happy for you!! That is such wonderful news. It is always nice hearing about people doing good things for themselves. Keep up the good work!
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That sounds healthy, all right! Outstanding!
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Thats excellent , can you pm or email me some tips ect , i need to lose weight and would love to have you as a weightloss buddy , i need to lose 80-120lbs..
I have pcos and insulin resisitance which hasent helped with weight gain , i also have little motivation and love sugar! (dont we all)


Well done again thats excellent , take some pics no if u havent then in like 6 weeks take some more , it will really show the progress!
Jess x
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You go, girl! I am so happy for you! I am sure you also feel much healthier, as well. Many years ago, I went from a size 18-20 to a 4-6 (8 in some things), as I found out I was pre-diabetic. I just went on a low-fat, low-sugar, but healthy, balanced diet to control my blood sugar, and the weight dropped off (it took about 1.5 years, but I wasn;t trying to lose weight). I also stared walking around the mall after I ate lunch first, instead of the way I used to it.

A few years ago, when I took a sedentary job, I started putting on some weight again. Also, my Mom told me to put a bit more fat and sugar in my diet, as I was losing so much weight--in fact, I was having trouble buying clothing--so I wanted to level off my weight loss. Yeah, I di d put more fat in my diet, but also put more fat on my behind. I wouold eat a tiny serving of a normal dessert, instead of the sugar-free ones. Since the end of August, I have lost about 15 lbs (I do not have a scale, but I gauge by my clothing fit and looking in the mirror while undressed, and what DH has noticed--he is very good at estimating weight). I am now back down to a 4-6 in some stuff, and went from a 10 in pants down to this (or 8) again. However, I would still like to lose about 10 more lbs, so I just don;t have to worry about my weight again! All I did was replace my 2 blood sugar snacks each day with a mozzarella string cheese and a rice cake in the morning (I tend do have blood sugar dips around 10Am, and find that a bit of protein helps), and a rice cake or two at 3 PM. I also have started walking again after lunch, 30 minutes-worth. I still pretty much eat my normal 3 meals each day, though I now find I have less of an appetite.

I have always said: losing the weight is the easy part. KEEPING IT OFF is the hardest part!
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Good job!

Sounds like you are doing what I did. I started in April, and have lost 20 pounds since then. I didn't need to lose that much weight, but enough for me to be comfortable again. I bought an elliptical machine, and started writing everything down, calorie wise, that I ate and drank. It made it a lot easier to see what I was eating and what was going in my body. I probably will keep doing that, but increase the calories that go in my body. When I first started, I was limiting myself to around 1300, but I've started to increase that so I don't lose weight to quickly. Just watch what you eat and exercise. If you don't include exercise in your plan, the weight will come back quicker when you stop watching what you eat. Even a little bit, like 30 minutes a day is good.

Keep up the good work!
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Originally Posted by MargeCat View Post
I am now back down to a 4-6 in some stuff, and went from a 10 in pants down to this (or 8) again. However, I would still like to lose about 10 more lbs, so I just don;t have to worry about my weight again!
Unless you're short - an inseam of 28" or less, you do not want to get any smaller. At around size 5-4 it gets very difficult to get pants in longer lengths. I range from size 3-5 and have around a 32" inseam, it makes finding dress pants difficult. It's gotten to the point where I have to buy larger pants and take the waist in just to get the proper length.

And another thing to consider when you get down smaller. If you get sick you have nothing to really fall back on. At that point if you lose 10lbs in a week or two it really really upsets doctors as you'd be underweight. If unlucky enough you end up admitted to the hospital.

A healthy weight for one's height, age, and bone structure is best. Now if I could figure out how to put about 10lbs on...
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