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Daily Thread TGIF Oct 3rd!

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Morning everyone!

Its going to be chilly today, only 1 degree right now

Tonight just going to the gym after work with Josh and then for a run....then cuddle time. Might rent a movie or something..not too exciting..but fun!

No big plans for the weekend...but Thanksgiving we have plans every day Ugh.

Anyhoo, have a great day!
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We are nippy here this morning . Temps up to 32F (0C). Frost on ground everywhere!!
Good thing I covered my containers yesterday!!

Its home alone weekend!! Neil is off to his annual boys weekend on a BIL's cabin in Northern Wisconsin.

So.... I'm planning on working on a big craft project today and tomorrow but with the frost it might have to be scales back. Rent some movies, perhaps go to farmers market tomorrow. Share the bed with just the kitties.

I iced my lower back last night and it feels much better!!

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Morning All!!!

Sunny here but very chilly, definintely time to get the woolies out.

Heading off to work shortly, finishing up some paperwork and filing. Hard to believe in a week I will be finished with my job and be moving on to something else...really excited by the prospects.

After work I am going shopping then out to dinner with my sister. That should be fun I haven't been out to dinner in quite a while..

This evening I have a couple of chores to do around the house then just watch TV I guess..

Kitties are good this morning, all window watching right now..

Everyone have a great day
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I am spazzing over trying to get ready for going to a wedding out of town, dh looking for a job while we are down there and plans that keep changing. My granddaughter is sick, so I probably will not get to see her much while we are there.
I hope he does find a job while he is there, so we can get out of this crummy little town and go home to GA.
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