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I came back a few hours ago from the Cat shelter (CWSI), and I bare some good news...

It was a busy day at the shelter. We had some nice passover/Kitty activity for kids, for half a day. One of our gingers (Garfield ) couldn't resist the attention, and kept going in the activity room. We finally caught him doing this:
standing on his two rear feet (forgive me for any term-mistakes), holding a Matza bread with the front paws, and chewing it enthusiastically! we were laughing so hard!!!

A family - two kids, a dad, and a very pregnant mom came by to adopt a kitten, and left with two!!! two girl-sister . I was so excited... these are not two of our prettiest cats (which I personally dont care about, but other people do), and I was happy two of them found such a nice home! I hope they won't return the girls, sometimes people do.

Another Gary & white kitten was addopted today!! I saw him off, and he was purring so hard

An obandoned Doggy was brought to the shelter too! so friendly with the cats... adorable! we're looking for a home to this cute Kanine!

I'm back to the shelter on Friday, hopefully I will be back with more GOOD stories!!!
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I am so happy for you and the kitties!
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What an excellent day! Thanks for sharing such happiness with us.
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That's great news! And Garfield with the matza in his mouth makes such a cute image!
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Thanks so much for volunteering... you are a sweetheart!

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I'm so happy for the adoptions. I stop in from time to time at the Human Society that I adopted Max at. I'm always to happy to see people adopting animals. No offence for those who buy pure breeds, but it gives me the warm fuzzies no know that people are adopting stray kitties and doggies and giving them good homes.
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Thanks for the cheers, I am so happy I have a place to share the stories from the shelter. Its such a wonderful place!!! (although sad at times)

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That's wonderful!
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