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My cat's eye is blurry

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Help. My cat's eye is having a major problem and I'm really worried about her. We are waiting for her opthomologist is there anything I can do in the mean time? her eye is filled with discharge and she can barely open it. The vet said she has kitty herpes and to keep giving her lysine, but we've been giving her lysine for a month and it hasn't helped. she's been at the vet almost every other day and they can't figure out whats wrong. anyone have any ideas?
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Get a second opinion. Find a cat-only vet if you can.
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You said you're waiting for the feline opthamologist - anyway your vet could hurry the appointment up a bit with a vet to vet call maybe?
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Not sure if it is related but we are going through the same thing with our little Arkose. Since we got her in July her eye produces a mucous like discharge and the eyelid is actually deformed. Her sister Orianna had the mucous in the eyes as well. Our vet put her on terramycin at first. But when that wasn't working he went to "triple without" (or in medical terms the cream with these three components: neomycin and polymyxin b sulfates and bacitracin zinc). After applying that one 2 types daily nothing greatly different happend to Arkose but Orianna's eye healed amazingly. Arkose's discharge decreased but the deformed eyelid did not get any better. Finally the vet performed a corneal scrape on her eye and came to the conclusion that there is no longer any real bacteria in there. The deformed eyelid is what causes the exta formation of liquids in her eye. He said when she gets older she could grow out of the deformity, but we are going to have to continuously put the ointment on a few times a week.
In all honesty you need to get the eye checked out and get the right treatment in place. I am not sure about the medication you are using on the cat but the two creams I used worked wonders on Orianna and maybe you should look into those with your vet. Getting a scrape will also help in finding out what is wrong.
Here are some pics of the cats to show you so you can see if it is the same case or closely related to your cats eye:
Orianna's runny eye:

And here are two of Arkose's eye (it is her left eye):

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