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im the oldest out of 3 of us, my two lil bros are 17 and 19 and im 23, we get on great dont know what i would do with out them we all fight like cat and dog when we are together but thats what makes us well us haha
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I come from a family of 5 and none of us are close really.

My brother is 8 years older than me (I think) and when I was real young I never saw him. When I was around age 11-12 and 13 I saw a lot of him. Then he just kinda dropped from sight and made appearances 1 or 2 times a year at my mom's.

My oldest sister is about 7 years older than me. And we never got along much. I never saw her much as a child. Got in a fist fight with her when I was 13 or so. Just never really been close.

My next older sister is 5 or 6 years older than me. Really have been indifferent to each other. Only time we really talked is when I went to church but when that stopped she stopped talking to me.

My younger sister is 6 years younger than me. We never got along. Still to this day don't really. We talk on occassion but thats just about boring everyday stuff.

Me and my dad barely talk anymore. We had a falling out 12 years ago and the rip has not been repaired since then. I have tried but we are not like occassional friends now more than anything. My dad is alos not close to his mom, dad or sister.

Me and my mom are close kinda but thats it. She is kinda close to her mom and dad and sisters but not much.

My husband has not seen his mom or dad in over 20 years. He has not seen his sister in that long or longer. And up until 10 years ago barely had any phone contact. Now its like a few times a year but he has to call. They never call here to talk to him.
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