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I'm brand new to this...I've been looking all over for some info. I'm moving in with my boyfriend who already has one cat, a shorthair tabby. I'm planning on moving in with my two long hairs. Problem is...he's allergic...very allergic. It's a pretty big house and I plan on using a heppa filter along with cleanliness to combat the ammount of dander in the house...Does anybody have any suggestions or any products that might help me out I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Most people with alleries to cats will build an immunity on their own after time or they go on medication. All cat dander can be a little different. Regular bathing of the cats helps along with the hepa filters. Once he is around the cats more, he may notice a decrease in the symptoms.
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There is something too called Allerpet. You actually spray it on the animal and it is supposed to cut down on the dander. I was going to try it as I have allergies to cats as well. When I got the two kittens it turns out they are not bothering me all that much.

The place I saw this Allerpet was in a large pet store called PJ's You could probably get it in PetSmart as well as other stores.Good Luck
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Not sure if this will help or not, but PetsMart and Petco sells "Kitty Wipes"..... supposed to be really good for people with allergies. Makes them nice and soft. I have used them and like the, other than the fact they smell like baby powder!
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Those kitty wipes are the best thing since sliced bread! One of my closest friends is VERY allergic to cats, and now, all I have to do is vaccum before she comes over and wipe down the cats, and she can breath again.
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