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Gourd craft photos

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I've recently started crafting with gourds and wanted to share some pictures of my first few pieces.

I'm hoping others share pics of their crafts. The crafts thread was wonderful and I'd love to see photos of all the things you all do! We're a creative bunch here at TCS it seems, and I got a bunch of ideas from things everyone posted.

Here are the gourds after I clean them (in case someone doesn't know what a gourd is, I didn't until a few months ago!)

1st one is just painted before I knew you could do so many things with them. (please excuse the beads, they're not normally "displayed" there LOL)

2nd one is a little bowl.

And lastly, a tortilla warmer.

Thanks for looking at these!
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Wow! Those are really lovely! How do you prepare them so they don't rot? Do you shellac them?
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Wow Sunni! Those are beautiful! It must be nice to be so "crafty"!
Thanks for sharing those great pictures!
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Thank you!

Hissy the gourds will natually dry out if you leave them outside long enough. They are nature's containers! I've been reading about how people have been using gourds for thousands of years to hold water and food. When you start crafting with them they are completely dry and you can scrape out the loose seeds and lining. For the two I've done so far I use polyurethane to seal the insides and the outside of the larger piece, but there are many different finishes you can use on them or you can leave them w/o a finish as they will develop a natural seal over time (or so I've read!).
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Well they are really nice! I would love to see you put cats on them and sell them on Meowhoo...
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LOL! Actually I plan to do one with a pet theme, so we'll see how it turns out!
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When I was 15 or 16 my moms friend who was Portuguese grew thwm in his yard and one year we got to have some. We made maracas, like we put rice in them and then painted them. It was so cool. Not nearly as nifty as your tort warmer. cool craftin'
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Those are beautiful! I agree with Hissy, put them on Meowhoo! I would to buy one someday!
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Those are beautful!!!
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Awesome gourds! I didn't know they could be used like that. You're very talented!
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wow, I am very impressed!!! I hope you put more pics of your work, you seem to really know what you're doing. And I am tellin you right now - I intend to "still" so,e ideas... I am going to be direcotr of Arts & Crafts in the summer at a summer camp, and I can use every idea I find. Maybe I will start a new thread for Kid's crafts...

I really loved your work!!!:flash:
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I love the last one !!! Very Gorgeous Thanks greatly for sharing ..
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Those are amazing!! I love the first one, the bowl with the beads. My dad always grows gourds in his garden, I'll have to experiment on a few this year.

I wonder if they would be safe (unpainted of course) to give to the guinea pigs to play with?
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Thank you so much for your nice comments! I am really excited about this new craft!

Melissa I don't know about toys for guinea pigs, but I would look into it before you do that. The material is most similar to wood and can easily be chewed (Bella discovered that for me!).

Here is what I'm working on now. I've been woodburning the design in, and I have to sand and stain it still. It will be a vase.
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They are beautiful!
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wow, another winner!
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