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Sometime last night little Pip passed away in his sleep, and in his little nest aswell bless him.

Me and my mom went to say goodbye to him this afternoon, before he got buried in my nans garden, along with his toys

RIP My Sweet Lil' Boy

He lived a good little life (he died aged 7, which is 2 years more than he's supposed to so he had a good run )

Bless him.

He always talked back too

And the last time I saw him alive, I made sure I told him that I loved him
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what a sweetie he was. i'm so sorry for your loss.

RIP little pip. fly free across the bridge.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful bird. Rest in Peace Pippy.
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Awwww isn't he cute! My sister has zebra finches and i love their little squeeky chirps.

Fly high over the bridge Pippy

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Pippy
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Oh wow! 7 years!
He was a very beautiful bird and obviously well loved

Rest In Peace Pippy
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I am so very sorry about this. Please disregard my other reply in the other thread. I didn't notice this yet. I know it is very tragic. I don't know what I would do if I lost Sanjay.
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The link you gave us wouldn't open but I noticed there was a current thread of pics of him. RIP Pip.

I still miss my lovebirds.
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Oh dear I'm so sorry you lost Pip! I remember when you first posted his picture in Cats and Other Animals. He was such a sweet handsome bird.

Rest in Peace, angel Pip
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